5 Reasons Why Bloggin Online Is Child’s Play

Major life events can completely change your perspective on everything. You probably noticed this when you moved out on your own. Getting your first job, getting married, buying your first home, these are major milestones for a lot of people and they make you think about the world in a different kind of way.

For me, nothing has been nearly as transformative as becoming a dad and this has had a direct impact on my online business. When I wrote that first article, my baby was still a baby. Now, she’s a full-fledged toddler and chasing her around creates an entirely new kind of exhaustion.

It has also gotten me to think more about making money online and how even little children can offer remarkable insights into how to do it better.

1. It Pays to Be Stubborn

We’re taught that adults should be reasonable. We’re taught that adults should be logical. We’re taught that adults should sit in their cubicles, listen to the bossman (or boss woman), and put in their 9-to-5 to earn an honest paycheck. As an online professional and Internet marketer, you might want to throw some of that out the window.


If you’ve ever seen a toddler have a complete meltdown in the middle of mall, throwing a tantrum that would strike fear in the hearts of even the most hardened of soldiers, then you’ll know how stubborn kids can be. You might not want to go quite that far, but you will need to stick to your guns more often if you want to make money online.

You are going to experience times when none of your campaigns seem to be working. You’re going to face all sorts of adversity and plenty of people will say you’re wasting your time. You need to ignore that noise and trust that what you’re doing will pay off in the long run.

2. Remember to Have Fun

As adults, we have responsibilities. We have bills to pay if we hope to keep roofs over our heads. And because of these obligations, it’s easy to find ourselves doing work that we really don’t want to do. It’s just a paycheck.

If you’re going to throw yourself into the online business arena, you have to remember a key lesson: have fun. If you’re not having fun doing something, it’s probably not worth doing. Ask any kid. Look at the smiles on their faces when they run around a playground. That’s what life is really about. That’s what the dot com lifestyle is about.

3. Instructions Are for Losers

How many times have you seen a toddler (or even an older child) open the box to a new toy and immediately start reading the instruction manual cover to cover? Probably close to never. They’re much more apt to try and figure things out for themselves, possibly playing with the toy in ways the manufacturer had never intended.

And while it’s certainly useful for you to watch some tutorials or listen to some advice, with making money online, you really should want to figure things out for yourself too. Tinker. Experiment. Play around with it. You’ll be surprised what you might discover that no one else has found before.

4. Some Friendly Competition Is Mutually Beneficial

Cooperation is good and we should be encouraging our kids to work together. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Even so, a little friendly competition can really bring out the best in everyone. Who’s got the high score in this game? Who has earned the most gold stars in this class? Who can run the fastest, jump the highest and scream the loudest?

I’m a firm believer in gamification. Making money online can be incredibly isolating, as you’re probably working alone in your home office, so it’s important to make those connections with other online professionals, bloggers and Internet marketers. A rising tide lifts all boats and you want to surround yourself with other success-minded Internet boats.

5. Afternoon Naps Are the Best


With some toddlers and other small children, you’ll notice that they really only have two modes. Their energy level is either dialed up to 11 or they’re in complete shutdown mode, crashing out for a nap in the most ridiculous of places and positions.

By far one of the best benefits of the dot com lifestyle is the time freedom that it affords. Do you find that you suffer though midday blahs and no amount of coffee can perk you up? Take a nap. No one is holding you to a 9-to-5 schedule.

Work with your natural energy levels. If it means split-testing your CPC campaign at 2 am, so be it. If it means blogging at 6 am, then that’s what works for you. You’re your own boss and no one is going to hold you accountable but yourself.

Ask practically any toddler. They’ll tell you who’s really head of the household.

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