5 Online Subscriptions

The more traditional delivery model used to be such that you had to go to a physical, brick-and-mortar store, navigate through the aisles and shelves, pick up a physical box and go to pay for it at the checkout counter. You then installed the software on your computer and it was a one-time thing… until it came time to upgrade to a new version, which meant going through the process all over again.

But traditionally, it also used to be the case that you had to commute to an office somewhere else in town to work for someone else, padding their bottom line while pulling down the same salary each day. We all know that the traditional model doesn’t really apply across the board anymore and the same is true with how we get our software.

While some people may disagree, the increasingly popular subscription model actually makes a lot of sense for all parties involved. Companies get their steady flow of revenue and you always have the newest version of whatever it is you need. If you run your own business, then you should definitely look into these five online subscription services.

Microsoft OneDrive

What’s that? Why not iCloud or Dropbox or Google Drive? All of these cloud storage solutions are fundamentally similar, but there is at least one major differentiating factor that separates Microsoft OneDrive from the rest of the pack: it comes with a subscription to Office 365.

Many users may rely more heavily on Google Docs already, but much of the business world still operates with Microsoft Office. If you partner or collaborate with anyone, having full access to Word, Excel and Powerpoint is positively invaluable. The most popular plan is Office 365 Home with Premium OneDrive Features.

For $99.99/year (or $9.99/month), you get a total of 5TB of online storage, plus the ability to install on up to 5 PCs or Macs, plus 5 tablets and 5 phones.

Adobe Creative Cloud

It’s true that you might be able to get away with the free software alternatives if your needs are relatively minimal. If your online business involves any sort of visual work, though, it pays to buy into a more professional tool. Buying PhotoShop outright used to be a very expensive endeavor, but the subscription equivalent is far more affordable.

When you’re ready to graduate past Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud. The $9.99/month photography package gets you PhotoShop and Lightroom for far more professional image editing. For your YouTube videos, pay $19.99 for any single app, including Premiere Pro. Alternatively, step up to $49.99/month to get all the apps.


Whether you run a content site like blog, you run an online store, or you participate in Internet marketing with your suite of landing pages, none of those websites are going to make you any money if they’re always down or if users around the world have poor access to them.

One of the most popular content delivery network (CDN) services around is Cloudflare. They boast 115 data centers all around the globe, ensuring that all of your site visitors are provided with the best possible experience. You also gain protection against DDoS attacks and gain insight into visitor and bot behavior.

Get started with the free plan or step up to the $20/month pro plan for more features.

Kindle Unlimited

Did you know that one of the most common habits among highly successful people is that they read? A lot? They’re not consuming sci-fi and pop fiction. Instead, they’re reading business books, biographies, and other books that can help them take their own businesses to the next level.

Buying every book you want to read, especially when you start reading a lot, can get pretty expensive. A more cost-effective solution is Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99/month, you can read as many books as you want on any device. This includes access to over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and plenty of current magazines too.

Contrary to popular belief, while reading on an actual Kindle ereader is fantastic, it’s not necessary. There are Kindle apps available for all major devices, including on your desktop.

HP Instant Ink

As an Internet entrepreneur, you’re probably trying to move toward a paperless office. You might be scanning those business cards and storing your receipts online too. However, there are times when you still need physical printed documents and that’s where HP Instant Ink makes so much sense.

If buying printer ink cartridges is getting a little out of control and unpredictable for you, this service is a tremendously affordable and predictable solution. For a set monthly fee (starting from $2.99), you can have ink delivered to your door every time you need it. You don’t even need to order it, as your printer will communicate with HP automatically to have it happen on your behalf. No surprises. You simply pay for the number of pages you print and it doesn’t matter if they’re color or black and white.

Do you have a favorite online subscription service? Do you pay for the premium features in Hootsuite, for example? Do you have a favorite tool for spying on your competition or a favorite SEO tool?

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