5 Obstacles That Stops You From Blogging

Are there obstacles to building successful money making venture online?

Truth be told, money is a motivating factor in online business and offline businesses. A lot of people would agree that making money online isn’t the primary objective, which I agree but a blog that makes no money will soon disappear or make the owner regret ever setting it up.

I started a blog out of passion and never really imagined earning money from it. But it turned out I needed to renew web hosting subscription for 2 years and I also must pay for email marketing service (autoresponder).

I’m yet to find a blogger or internet marketer who pays for web hosting and other marketing tools and resources with ‘passion.’ Passion has its place but you need money to make it blissful and exceptional.

Without much ado, here are 5 obstacles stopping you from making a living as a blogger. Enjoy it:

1 – No Clear Thinking

I once suffered from this blogging obstacle and it caused me a whopping $1,028 in get-rich-quick schemes. If I had a clear thought about internet marketing, knowing it’s not a hit-and-run affair, I would have seen a clearer picture and write down clearer, more realistic and smart goals.

Lack of clear thinking would channel you to the wrong business model. For everyone who wants to increase earnings online, no matter what niche you’ve chosen, it’s vital to think clearly from the onset. Know what you truly want and have the urge and enthusiasm to achieve it.

It may take some time to materialize, but with clear objectives, which come as a result of ‘immaculate thoughts,’ making money online can be fun and worthwhile.

2 – You’re Not Convinced

How much conviction do you’ve before starting a blog? For me, I wasn’t really convinced that I can make money from blogging. But I had passion for writing and knew it was enough to begin.

Personal conviction is good, but you need external forces to pat your head. I mean, you should have read success stories of people who started from nothing, but turned into something, later – conviction from within and without is paramount to overcoming every business obstacle.

If you don’t believe in a goal, how can you achieve it? I had a personal mentor who convinced me beyond all reasonable doubts that blogging is potent enough to send me to the bank every week (generate income). I didn’t know what writing for money was, back in 2007. Lack of conviction is a terrific blogging obstacle – don’t leave home without a strong conviction that success is your right and sure.

3 – You Can’t Write Well

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Well, I’ve a strong feeling that if every blogger out there can write well, he or she can make good money online. Oftentimes, bloggers forget the inherent ability to make money off their blogs. You’re not limited to affiliate marketing, or the so-called banner advertising on your blog. As a matter of facts, selling your personal services can make you a lot of money.

Before I built a cognitive blog, I was writing simple SEO contents for clients and getting paid. It’s a great feeling to know that you can write your way to big paycheck. A lot of freelance writers are making a killing (I’m a success story).

No, not what you think. You don’t have to write a masterpiece to win a Pulitzer Prize Award, or write to impress readers. The goal is to ‘express’ your views about a topic or subject using simple terms, sentences and light paragraphs.

Here’s a shocker: Everyone can write articles, but not everybody can write good articles. Can you change the world with words then you would definitely make more money blogging, more than a blogger who couldn’t type well?

4 – You Don’t Have A Product

This blogging obstacle is closely-tied to “you can’t write well.” Let’s look at it critically: every blogger is required to sell a product or multiple products. Look at the industry experts and probloggers, they all sell a product or service.

And I’m not asking you to sell an affiliate product, that could pay your Electricity Bills, but I mean a real product. It could be tangible or intangible. If you’re good at keyword research, you could sell that skill to potential niche marketers and bloggers and make money (help them research long-tail keywords and make a swipe file).
Relying on affiliate offers as your ultimate money-maker can be detrimental. Yes, affiliate marketing is superb and I love it, but for long-term success, creating a product of your own is necessary.

I can’t imagine a blogger who cannot solve problems – what exactly is he or she doing to make the world a better place.

Stop reading other people’s products and using their software, plugins and themes (except to learn), it’s time to get yours. I’m not joking man; you need to map out strategies to create a product. Create an e-book, a hard copy book, develop wordpress plugins or themes. Or, simply sell your consulting skills.

5 – You Have No Buyers

A month ago, a friend of mine sold his blog, realized $1,250 and went back in search of a good paying 9-5 job (he got a job, was a good one). I think he made the right decision, because he wasn’t making any money from his blog.
He was literally wasting time. Although, perseverance can be the key to blog success and I’ve seen its results in my business, but when you’ve immediate needs, blogging might not be right for you. Making money from a blog can be slower than building a skyscraper (don’t be scared, just joking).

Every internet marketer knows what I’m saying. Without targeted traffic, you cannot make money online. Whether you’re hosting a webinar or launching a product, it’s the chain of buyers (active readers) that will buy from you. Afterwards, you can promote the product to fresh buyers.

Do you know that a blog can make plenty of money by accident, if the right prospects are reading it? Sounds weird, but it’s the reality. A lot of bloggers are unable to generate substantial income from their blogs because the traffic is zero or little. And even the tickles of traffic are generic and kids. How can you survive in this type of business without buyers?

Challenge yourself to build the right foundation which can easily attract organic and referral traffic. I can’t show you how to drive targeted traffic in this post, but I can refer you to a great resource. Click here to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Over To You…

What’s stopping you from turning your blog into a money making business system? I’m giving you a wake-up call today. It’s your sole responsibility to organize and produce results as a blogger.

If you don’t make enough money to support your loved ones, pay bills and live the internet lifestyle, you’ll give up on your blog. Stay focused, drive buyers to your products and have a unique and compelling blog contents. See you at the top!

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