5 Lessons Bestsellers Thought Me About Blogging

If you ever want to publish a book, it’s advisable that you get a mentor who has done what you’re planning to do.

A credible mentor can guide you against common mistakes that people make.

It also means that you can visualize the success of your product, even before launching it. But I’ve unique insights for you today. I bet you’d enjoy it.

When we talk about blogging, we also need to consider ideas from the “real world.”

And there are no better professionals you can learn from, than authors who have at one point in their lives sold over a million copies of book and climbed to New York Times Bestseller?

I’m sure you’ve have read a bestselling book – maybe you’re reading one right now.

What ideas can you bring into your blogging business? I can show you five that’s changed my focus as a blogger. There you go:

5 Lessons Bestsellers Thought Me About Building A Profitable Blog

1.    Be a bestseller, not best writer

I was shocked when I discovered the BIG difference between being a bestseller and best writer. You see, most authors you know who have sold 10 Million to 100 Million copies of their books are the worst writers you can imagine.

Of course, they can scribble words in paper, but their writing style can be boring and unyielding. As a blogger, all the information you need to succeed in right within you. You don’t need to travel to get it.

The best information is accessible if only you can think. And you can’t be the best writer no matter how much efforts you put into it – but you can be the best marketer and that’s where results lie.

Quick lesson: Work hard to promote your blog. Even if you’re the worst writer, just reach out to the target audience and you’d likely succeed more than a prolific writer who sucks at marketing.

2.    Outsource some tasks

We barely have enough time to handle all the tasks in our to-do list. Don’t be selfish in your online business. Launch out to professional hands – they’re waiting for you.

For me, I outsource some of the tasks that I can’t handle, maybe due to time constraint or total hatred for the job. Virtual assistant, market research and website development are the three aspects that need to be outsourced.

Don’t try to manage – bestselling authors don’t manage. I had the privilege to chat with a great author in the “real world” and she advised me to ALWAYS outsource. Make sure you’re not draining your 24 hours with piles of files to sort.

Outsource, take care of your health and take a vacation if you must. Be like the bestselling author – hire an editor or freelance writer to support you.

3.    Invest money into your business

invest money into blogging

This is a no-brainer – How many bloggers still use the free blogger or wordpress to host their site? I can still count them online. In fact, most of the people who leave comments on John Chow’s blog don’t even have a self-hosted blog.

It sounds funny to me. The truth is, if your blog is hosted on a free server, you’re not in control and anything can happen to your months/years of hard work. If you’ve $100, that’s enough to register a domain name and get a web hosting service.

Bestselling authors always invest into their businesses. They don’t rely on “luck” for overnight success. Investment is the only receipt, to cash out in the future. If you don’t put in money, no matter how little, how can you expect to withdraw?

4.    Work hard to earn passive income

There are thousands of ways to make money online. And you’re free to choose whichever business model you want. But if you want to escape what Robert Kiyosaki calls, “The Rat Race,” you must work hard and smart to earn passive income.

Passive income doesn’t come directly from your hard work. Of course, at the onset, you’ll have to work your butt off, but as time goes by, you can relax and still earn decently.

Writing a book can provide a source of passive income, especially from ongoing royalty. Also, Book fair and speaking engagement (where other speakers expand on your book and pay you for it).

5.    Gain traction in social media

“Traction” is a force that triggers success. People who don’t recognize you before can willingly pay huge sums of money, to hear you speak or train them one-on-one.

Book Authors are gradually moving online and using social media to reach new audience in their various niches.

It’s important to note that the only thing that matters in social media marketing is the “social.” If you can’t mingle with people, solve their problems without sounding like a jerk, making money will gradually become second nature for you.

As a blogger, don’t underestimate the importance of social media. It’s one of the BIG changes that have swept the web off her feet.

Everyone is still trying to recover from the crazy social media evolution. Don’t waste time on social media – learn how it works and use it to grow your business.

What do you say?

Do you know any bestselling author? What do you think about them? Do you think bloggers can learn anything from offline authors? Please share your comment blow. See you ahead!


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