5 Landing Page Infographics for Affiliates

If you want to drive high quality leads through online marketing, you need to create effective landing pages. Not only will landing pages pre-sell and highlight the benefits of whatever it is you are trying to promote, but landing pages will also increase conversions and lower your costs in the process. Through the use of split testing your landing pages, you can continually tweak your existing campaigns to make sure they stand the test of time.

Every affiliate marketer, brand and business should be using landing pages for their online marketing. Whether you are starting your first landing page or looking for new ways to optimize your campaigns, you’ll be sure to find some hidden gems in these hand selected landing page infographics found below.

Before Creating Your Landing Page, Follow this Guide

The first step to creating a great landing page, is knowing what type of landing page you want to create and why you need it in the first place. This 3 part landing page flowchart is the best way to map out your landing page before even getting started. Knowing the purpose of your landing page, defining a goal and cutting it down to one simple call to action is a great way to get started.


Advanced Landing Page Optimization Guide

Once your landing page has been created and has traffic running through the site, it’s simply a matter of continually split testing your results and using advanced landing page optimization to increase performance and conversions. When it comes to optimization, there are plenty of way this can be done, such as site speed, headline text, colors, call to action and much more.


Tracking and Studying Landing Page User Behavior

While on-site optimization is always going to get a lot of attention from brands and marketers, it’s the actual user experience that drives the most conversions. Through the use of heatmaps, visitor recordings and feedback polls, landing page creators can fully optimize their sites by seeing exactly what happens when a user visits a site — such as where clicks are happening, where users are scrolling to and mouse movements throughout the site.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Knowing how to attract the interest of your audience and getting them to take action is what landing pages are all about. In this infographic for creating the perfect landing page, you’ll get to break down the ten key features that every landing page needs to have. These components consist of having a great looking headline, call-to-action buttons that pop off the page, using descriptions and bullet points to highlight benefits and much more.


The Ultimate Referral Partner Landing Page

No matter how great of a marketer you may think you are, your landing page is going to be doing all of the work when you ad campaign goes live. Just like you would want to impress your clients, your landing page is going to have to the same. This infographic from Ambassador does an excellent job at showing how top marketers are optimizing landing pages for maximum results.


The Secrets to the World’s Best Landing Pages

Unfortunately there is no single secret to creating killer landing pages that convert. Instead it’s about creating a landing page that you can start testing right away. Once you have enough traffic and leads flowing through your site, it’s then time to start split testing and optimizing your creative for max conversions. By following the steps outlined in each of these landing page infographics, you will surely find success with your online campaigns as well.

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