5 Great WordPress Guides for Creating a Successful Blog

The majority of readers on this site likely already have a website or blog of their own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are finding the success, traffic or revenue that you’ve been waiting for. The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there to help you along the way. At the same time, the world of online marketing, business and WordPress tutorials can be quite an overwhelming place.

With the focus purely on WordPress and how to make it work better for your content, brand or business, today I’m going to highlight some of the best resource guides out there — each specializing in one specific area for improving WordPress.

How to Start a Blog

As mentioned earlier, the majority of readers on this site likely already have a blog, but I’m sure many of you still don’t — or at least might not have a WordPress driven site yet. For those that this applies to, it’s extremely fast, simple and affordable to go live with a blog of your own today. This is something I’ve personally helped thousands of people with over the years, and I’d love for you to be the next person to go live with a life changing blog today.

In my how to start a blog guide, I walk users through the complete process of how to start a blog, while also covering some of the most basic (yet extremely important) decisions that should be made before registering a domain and launching a site (such as site niche, domain name and if you are going after the right audience. If you still don’t have a blog of your own, set aside 10-minutes of your time to read through this guide and go live with a blog of your own today.

How to Make Money with a Blog

When it comes to making money with a blog, you have plenty of options to choose from. Most bloggers will start off with Google Adsense and then make their way to affiliate marketing. If they continue to find success, they will likely also start selling a few ebooks, courses or products of their own. Another option is to simply sell direct advertising on your site, which still continues to work well for many bloggers today.

To see a massive breakdown of the many different ways bloggers are currently making money with their sites, I recommend you take a look at this make money blogging guide by Jerry. Not only does it provide you with the information and guidance you need, it also has tons of stats and case studies to back everything up.

How to Make Your Blog Load Fast

If you want to have a successful website or blog, you need to make sure it’s running as fast as possible. Most WordPress users already know about plugins and settings for increasing loading time and decreasing usage on their servers, but there are still other options for increasing site speed — which is something we can all never get enough of.

A great place to start is this article on how to speed up a blog using three simple steps, which includes setting up a content delivery network, choosing a reliable web hosting solution and also removing excess clutter and content from your site and WordPress database. Once you’ve put all of those actions in place, you can then refer to this WordPress performance guide on WPBeginner.

Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

One of the biggest attractions to using WordPress as your content management system is having access to thousands of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins. With so many new plugins going live all the time, it’s important to stay up to date on what’s out there and which are currently gaining traction.

WPMUDev recently published a great guide on the top WordPress plugins for 2017. Some of the most popular plugins on the list are Hummingbird, W3 Total Cache, Defender, Akismet and Contact Form 7 — many of which are already used by most WordPress users. However, that small list has only scratched the surface. Head over to their site and see the many other top plugins for 2017 and see which can further improve the performance and success of your own site.

Quick and Effective SEO Tips for WordPress Sites

In addition to always making sure your WordPress site looks great and has a powerful database and server working behind it, it’s also extremely important that your site, it’s content and formatting is all setup properly for SEO as well.

If you ever wanted to run a full checkup on your site, these 45 SEO tips for 2017 will do the trick. Improve how your WordPress site and content ranks in the search results by implementing these most recommended tips — which includes, installing the best WordPress SEO plugins, setting up permalinks, using a focus keyword within your content and plenty more.

Bonus: Quick Tips from 82 WordPress Bloggers

This last resource isn’t so much ‘a guide’, however, it is an extremely powerful resource indeed! With so many successful WordPress sites, bloggers and content creators in the world today, they all can provide a valuable asset if you know where to look, or simply what to ask.

Blogging Tips asked the question “What’s your best tip for creating a successful blog?” and 82 experts responded with their best answer. Some of the names on this list include Syed Balkhi, John Chow, Matthew Loomis, Sue Dunlevie, Tim Soulo and much more. Be sure to check it out and implement these same blogging tips into your own site today.

Now that you have all of the tools and resources you need to compete against a super-saturated online world of content, websites and blogs, put all of these recommendations and tips into action to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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