5 Great Benefits of Using Push Notification for Your Business

Have you ever used push notifications for your business?

Many marketers are using push notification campaigns in their marketing strategies and have seen a major jump in their revenue.

Using these notifications is a wonderful way of communicating with your audience and keeping them updated about your business.

But what exactly are these notifications?

Push notifications are nothing but short messages that pop up on a customer’s mobile device. When you create these messages, you generally add a clickable link to them using which your audience can land on the desired location and take action.

Marketers can send these notifications directly to a customer’s mobile for promotional or marketing purposes. They can use it to notify the user about an upcoming sale, a new launch, new items in stock, or anything that they want their audience to know about.

Generally, using push notifications on your marketing campaign can be one of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating with your audience. And because they land straight into your user’s mobile phone, your notifications will definitely be read by your users. This improves the possibility of them taking action on your site.

However, that’s not the only reason why you should use push notifications for your business. There are several other ways how push notification can help your business achieve success.

But before we move ahead, if you don’t know how to send push notifications, you can use tools like PushEngage to do that. Just install it on your website, activate it, and start sending out push notifications to your customers.

The best thing about this tool is that you don’t need to have any professional knowledge for using it. You can install it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Now let’s look at why you need to use push notifications for your business.

1. Re-engage Users

Do you know that 75% of your website visitors never return to your website again? But you can re-engage them on your site if you have a solid marketing strategy. One of them is to use push notifications on your marketing campaigns.

Sometimes you’ll have customers who will land on your website, add items to their shopping cart and then leave your site just before they complete the payment. This can happen because of various reasons.

In business, things like these are not uncommon. But no matter what the reason is, you can remind your users to complete the payment by sending a push notification on their mobile. This is a great way to re-engage your users on your website and prompt them to take action.

2. Target the Right Audience

Push notification is a very powerful way of targeting the right audience for your business. To make it even more effective, you can personalize your messages based on the customer’s previous activities.

For example, if a customer is buying beauty products from your website, you can use their buying pattern to identify the kind of products they are interested in.

Now using this pattern, you can notify them about any product you think they might want to buy. You must have received such notifications on your mobile phone from businesses that you’ve used in your daily life.

Platforms like Netflix, too, use this tactic in their marketing strategy. Based on the movies or series you watch, it sends you the notification every time there’s a similar movie or series added to the platform. Since you’re interested in those kinds of movies or series, you might even go and watch the new ones too.

The same happens to your users as well. So using push notifications, you can target the right audience and convey the message you want to reach your goals.

3. Boost Conversion Rate

Another massive advantage of using push notifications for your business is to boost your conversion rate. Apart from using it for marketing purposes, you can use it to increase your sales as well. But for that, you need to offer them a way to make the purchase.

You can’t expect to see a spike in your sales simply by sending out push notifications to your users. You have to give them a way to make the purchase too.

Your notification will surely let them know about the product or service you want to talk about. But if you really want to convert your recipient, add a call-to-action through which they can take the action you want them to take.

4. Improve Customer Experience

Push notifications can also be used to collect feedback from your users. For example, suppose you’re using geo-targeting for your business. So you’ll know exactly when your customers exit from your physical store.

Now you can send out push notifications to your users, asking them about their experience in your store. Add a link to a short survey form to your notification.

You can use this survey to gain insight into what your customers think about your business. If you receive any negative feedback, you can use it to improve your business to offer a better customer experience.

Since you’re sending out the survey right when the user exits your store, you can have a more accurate insight because the experience is still fresh in their minds.

However, you don’t necessarily have to use geo-targeting or have a physical store to send out push notifications. You can even do it for your eCommerce business if you want.

5. Have Actionable Metrics

It is extremely important that you track and analyze your marketing campaigns to know if they are making the desired impact. Doing so will offer valuable insights using which you can identify how successful your marketing campaigns are.

If you think a certain campaign isn’t creating the impact you expected it to, you can easily change it and make it more effective for your business.

Push notifications offer various analytics using which you can gain meaningful insight into your customer’s behavior. Using these analytics, you can know the open rates, open times, engagements, etc., for your push notifications. These insights will help you personalize your campaigns and make them more powerful.

So if you haven’t used push notifications for your business yet, you should start using them now. It’s the best way to reach out to a more targeted audience, engage them on your website and convert them to reach your goals.