5 Extra Copywriting Tips For Bloggers

What has copywriting got to do with blogging?

Wow, I’m yet to see a successful blogger who doesn’t implement a few copywriting techniques into his writing, and marketing.

And you don’t have to be a professional copywriter to make this work.

Several people are actually good at persuasive marketing, but they don’t even realize this.

I’ve read several blog posts that made me happy – those where powerful articles.

As a blog copywriter, your aim is to get blog readers into action, either at the beginning or when they’ve finished reading the content.

Ideally, if you can persuade readers to take action before they finish reading the article, it’s a good thing.

All right, enough of the talks – here are 5 extra copywriting tips for bloggers that’s proven to work.

1.      Add benefit to your headline

When last did you read a sales copy? I’m sure you were hooked by the headline? Now, that headline isn’t just a fancy-work-of-art. It’s more than that.

It’s packaged with strong benefits about the product or service that the marketer is offering for sale. Whether you’re writing a guest post or a press release, make sure the headline has a touch of the strongest benefit. See how I used it at guest posting 101 here.

As a blogger, when you write your headline, don’t try to be extremely creative. Just add the strongest benefit to it. Reader will appreciate this and abide by your terms. Oh, I’m so sure of this!

2.      Lighten up the headline     copywriting tips

What comes next after the headline? I thought I got you right, subheading succeeds the headline.

After you’ve captured the mind of your reader, he or she might still be in dilemma as to what you have in store. How will the post be of help?

The subheading often contains fewer words than the headline.

So, how do you implement this to your blog writing? It’s common sense , actually.

Just ask a simple question before your introduction and it’d automatically perform the same role as the subheading in a sales copy.

Sure, you’ll also use subheadings to break your contents up. But the first one drives your message home and brings out the best from your headline.

3.      Make your posts easy to read

Have you seen a blog post whose paragraph is about 5 lines and even more? Funny enough, a lot of bloggers are making this mistake.

I was disappointed when a famous blogger who makes six figures annually couldn’t streamline his contents. His latest post looked like a stacked jalopy.

Of course, having a community of people who truly believes in you can go a long way. But when your posts aren’t easy to read, it’s a big mess.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, it’s high time you start pleasing readers.

Make their lives better – reward them with exceptional contents. Be on the lookout for opportunities to engage them. Make sure your paragraphs are less than 4 lines. That’s how copywriters woo buyers until they place orders.

4.      Arouse curiosity creatively

Some bloggers are making a big mistake. They would immediately reveal the secret they’ve. If you promised a thing, start your introduction on the defensive side. Don’t show it yet. Arouse curiosity with intelligent question (s).

Besides, you want people to read the entire article. So, revealing your entire secrets almost immediately isn’t a good marketing tactics.

Copywriters usually use curiosity to increase sales. Blog readers like surprises and would stick around. They’d read on until they get the full gist.

When you perfect your creative mind, you can easily rule your world with words. {Tweet this}

And don’t share it all or else, you won’t call for action at the end. Share 95% of what you promised and add your call to action button or link. This is pure marketing.

Copywriting takeaway

There you’ve it, the five extra copywriting tips to enhance your blog. These tips can yield a better return on investment of your time. They’re proven to work. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. See you at the top!

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