5 Brilliant Ideas For Blog Networking

Are you treating your blog like a real business?

If yes, then you need some ideas to enhance your networking.

You need to connect with others who can help you grow your business.

You don’t have to be a professional blogger to make money – you just have to connect with professionals. {Tweet this}

There are thousands of successful bloggers who are eager to support you in any way.

Most aspiring bloggers don’t even realize how much love they can get from networking with others.

I want to show you 5 brilliant ideas for blog networking that never fail.

1.      Address people by their names

How do you feel when someone calls you by your full name? Courtesy demands that you address people properly. Instead of trying to coin words or phrase to praise an expert, it’d be better if you just call them by their names.

If you’re pitching a guest post idea, visit the blog first and read the “about” page. You’ll definitely know who you’re writing to and what name he or she bears.

Sure, a lot of people use “Dear friend” just to appear neutral – but it’s not a good networking strategy.

Every industry expert has a first and second name. Search for the name and use it to communicate your idea. This single act can enhance your networking with them, easily.

2.      Comment on their blog posts

Truth is, the A-list and B-list bloggers are looking for the next loophole that can increase their comment’s count. Bloggers are never tired of comments from real people. When you leave a comment at someone’s post, it shows you agree with their idea.

No matter the tone you used on the comment, it shows they’ve captured your attention.

Persuading people to leave a comment isn’t a child’s play – it takes hard work and the content must be helpful to encourage them. You could ask a question or add your 2 cents to the post.

Follow successful bloggers wherever they go. Don’t leave them alone or they’d forget you in a hurry. Let your comment show that you want something extra from knowing them. Get started today.

3.      Buy and read their books/e-books     Attractive-young-man-reading book

Just like comments, successful bloggers and internet marketers want to make more money.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to be their friend. Spending $5 – $47 could go a long way in communicating your uniqueness. That was my experience in 2011.

I bought a book from Amazon. After reading it, I wrote the author and gave my feedback. He was so happy.

After 2 weeks of communicating with him, he emailed me again asking if I could handle a major copywriting project. Wow, of course that’s what I’ve been looking for.

That single project led to over seven high paying projects from the author’s network.

Successful bloggers are very good at word of mouth marketing. That’s why you need to be their best pals.

Don’t just read a book and stack it unto your bookshelf or dump it on your hard drive, give your feedback. No, I’m not saying you should write a pleasant comment as such.

Balance the rating by revealing what you don’t like. Authors appreciate honest feedback from readers.

4.     Attend their webinars

Webinars are popular these days. Pro bloggers are also using it to build a community and share their best marketing tactics.

People like Danny Iny, John Chow, Brian Clark, Carol Tice, Darren Rowse and countless other successful bloggers have and still host live webinars.

Do you want to know the truth? All right, everyone who attends a webinar has become a personal asset to these bloggers.

They’ve got your full name, city and personal email address. You also have their personal details that can aid communication. You can personally contact them and introduce your business.

When viable opportunities arise, a kind A-list blogger could give you a call. By attending webinars and Business Expo, you can meet influential bloggers & leaders. This is priceless to your business – and it pays higher dividends that most shares.

5.      Write a guest post     bigstock-Writing-964588

And lastly, guest posting at A-list blogs can transform your blog. I’ve written over 531 quality guest posts and I can tell you how powerful it is.

My blog grew exponentially and became the go-to resource for content marketing.

I’ve also tripled my blog’s earnings in 6 months – thanks to guest blogging.

You already know the benefits of guest posting. Should I go over it again? I don’t think so!

But all I want you to take home is that by writing and submitting valuable contents that can help the intended audience, you’ll connect with the blog owner easily.

The relationship would be so intense. It’d inspire potential clients (those who read the A-list blog) to trust you.

If you want a Super Bloggers like Brain Clark, John Morrow, Anna Hoffman and other professionals to endorse you, guest posting is the right button – go and press it today.

Blog Networking hack

I’m giving you a wake-up call to do something with your blog.

Thousands of people are waiting to hire your professional services. But you may never get to meet them, if you keep to yourself. Launch out your creative mind today and begin to network with successful bloggers.

That’s my secret. What’s yours!

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