5 Awesome Twitter Strategies

Do you know how to market on twitter?

Marketing with twitter has its upsides and downsides.

For bloggers and social media marketers who want to achieve success with tweets and social networking, there are factors you should consider.

These factors will act as the bedrock for effective planning, crisp organization and increasing sales.

It would also be beneficial to Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest marketing and so forth.

I’ve five awesome strategies to share with you. I’m sure your tweets and social media marketing endeavors would be blissful, henceforth.

Stay focused

The problem with social media marketing for most people is that they’re not focused. You see bloggers tweeting about different topics on a daily basis.

Today, they would tweet about email marketing and tomorrow, just because Google released Penguin, they decided to tweet about it with fans.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping followers abreast of recent trends, but make sure it’s important to them. If it doesn’t relate with your content topic or field, why bother?

When you tweet, stay focused. Your followers followed you because they needed an expert to help them with professional advice, case studies and lessons.

If you digress, there should be a good explanation for that and a tweet is limited to 140 characters – there is no room for lengthy explanations. So, stay focused!

Know Your Style and Voice

Have you discovered your style and voice?

These two innate characters are essential for twitter marketing. The difference between a successful tweet and the one that failed is the style. As an expert, you need to learn how to write great tweets from the outset.

Yes, you’ve to test and consistently try new things, but getting your feet soaked on the techniques and concepts of writing headlines would be helpful. The more consistent you’re with a unique style, the stronger your voice and this is priceless.

Social media marketing works in a similar way as blogging – both needs to be exceptional, stylish, original and valuable.

Create a Worthy Buzz

twitter marketing buzz

We’ve the worthy and unworthy buzz online. Most content marketers don’t care how far their contents go. We all want our latest blog post syndicated across high trafficked sites and blogs.

But did you know that if the content isn’t helpful and usable, it’s a dent on your credibility? Social media is a powerful viral marketing system and as such, you’ve to be careful to always create a worthy buzz.

Every tweet you make must offer valuable information or don’t bother tweeting.

Often times, we’re blinded by the follower’ counts. Don’t be deceived by the number of followers you’ve. It’s easy to add 10,000 twitter followers who don’t care about your business.

They’re looking for the slightest loophole to create an unworthy buzz, thereby causing harm to your self-image and brand.

Communicate With Followers

Twitter is a social media network. The most important word is “social.” It deals extensively with sharing, connecting and communicating with the target audience. Most folks are failing at twitter because they’ve neglected this important factor.

And don’t forget to define “communication.”

Communication is said to be complete if the end-user gives a feedback. So, when you tweet, people should respond. They would respond either by asking questions, commenting or contributing.

Either way, make sure you provide the right environment for effective exchange of ideas, opinions and critiques.

If you can engage followers and get them to talk, you could easily market your products and services and earn extra income from social media marketing.

Eliminate Guess Work

Truth be told, we all have elements of doubt in your hearts when it comes to social media, or any other marketing system.

I think it’s high time we look inward to see where we’re getting it wrong. You can’t continue tweeting, without a plan and at least 85% conviction that you’re on track.

Are you certain with your tweets? Do you know your followers and blog readers?

Enough of the guess work. If you invest quality time in market research, you’ll discover why, where and what your followers are seriously looking for. The problems bugging their minds – you’ll also know when they’re logged in – stop tweeting blindly.

Eliminate the guess work – how determined are you? It takes discipline to do the right thing. So, get started with in-depth market research and scale it up from there.

Twitter Marketing Recap

The noise of social media as the most powerful marketing system is hot out there. I’m sure you’ve read so many articles and blog posts about twitter marketing.

But I’m convinced a lot of people are not getting results – despite the bundles of twitter information out there.

E-books, membership sites, blogs, magazines, manifesto, whitepapers and so forth are there to teach twitter marketing. But what is the missing spice?

Social media success involves a change of approach. Get to know your audience and offer the right solutions. Don’t forget that effective social media marketing involves a shift of attitude – Be. Do. Have. 

What can you say about twitter marketing? Is it worth the noise or what’s your take? Please leave a comment below.

Michael Chibuzor is a freelance writer. He has helped over 50 small and mid-sized online businesses to attract targeted buyers and increase sales. Are you looking for a content writer? you can hire Michael to write excellent contents for you.

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