$45 For A Cup Of Coffee

Scale Vs. Magnitude

Here is a fundamental truth for making money online. Unless you can do majorly big numbers (have scale), you must sell your products or services at premium prices (magnitude) or your business will inevitably die.

This has been proved time and time again.

For example, you can get to $1 million in just 100 steps if you’re selling at a $10,000 price point. If you’re selling a $10 product, it’s going to take you 100,000 steps. However, I think many people don’t quite get all this, because they’re viewing everything from THEIR perspective.

See, they look at things from the angle as to why somebody would pay a premium price for something, or as to what they could sell at a high ticket price, or they may think they can come in and undercut a $2,000 product and offer something ‘similar’ for just $47 and clean house with the competition.

Again… wrong, wrong, WRONG!

They just don’t get it. It’s NOT all about you and your profits. One big reason (besides the big profits) to sell at premium prices is this fact:

Selling at premium allows you to have a large profit margin, which then allows you the ability to create an extraordinary value AND experience for your tribe.

That’s why undercutting others with cheap prices, or trying to survive from selling $47-$97 products just doesn’t work, for you or your buyers. There’s no meat on the bone left to actually SERVE and offer any real value and support.

People need, want, will pay for a premium experience. For example, I’ve paid over $60 for a hamburger. I know a place in Venice where a friend had went to a while back, and coffee for himself and his wife cost $45!


And they happily paid for it. Why? It was for the experience. The atmosphere there was incredible, the service was remarkable, they even had a live band playing for them in the background.

Now, if that cup of coffee was only $1.50 each? No amazing atmosphere. No band. No experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives…

Even take Starbucks for example. $5.00 coffees allows them the margin to create an experience of their own, and I’ll happily pay for coffee there over McDonald’s or the gas station. Selling at high ticket, premium, top tier prices isn’t all about you.

It’s About THEM

Creating the experience people truly desire and need right now. And if you truly want to help yourself, and others make a real income online? More than just an e-book or product is needed. That’s the equivalent of a cheap coffee served up in a Styrofoam cup.

You need an experience that will allow someone the time to really show you how to get to $10,000 a month and beyond. You need the support, the training, a full suite of products to promote, you need it all.

And My Top Tier Business (MTTB) can provide you with just that. Now MTTB isn’t set at a premium price, in fact all you have to invest right now is in the application fee, and that’s simply to make sure that you’re serious and a right fit for the program. However, it’s the exact place you want to get to right now to go further down this path we’ve just discussed.