4 Diggs In 2 Days = Mega Traffic

When you’re on a roll, it’s hard to stop sometimes. After pulling off two Diggs yesterday, I repeated the performance with two more today – one of them to this very blog! I have to thank Stephen for submitting my Lexus 460 post to Digg. I also like to thank any readers who may have Dugg the story as well. I really didn’t expect it to make it. What kind of effect did it had on the blog. Take a look.

The above prediction is the traffic I can expect to do if Digg keeps my story on the front page for those periods of time. That level of traffic would definitely land John Chow dot Com among the most popular personal blogs in the world. Unfortunately a Digg front page story isn’t what it use to be because the site moves too fast now.

On average Digg gets up to 1,500 news stories per day – that works out to over 62 stories per hour. That’s a lot of stories trying to get to the front page. Because of this the stories on Digg move down much faster than they use to. In the past I had stories on front page stay there for more than 4 hours. Now, they’re on page 2 in less than one. Still, because of the size of Digg’s readership, a front page story will send you thousands of hits – in the case of this blog, over 6,000 in the first hour. Then it dropped more than half in the second hour because the story moved to page 2. I must say the server handle the Digg extremely well – the blog was running so fast I didn’t know it was under a Digg until I check the stats. You can see what powers this blog here.

Thanks to Digg, this blog will set a new one day traffic record. As I write this, the blog is at over 14,000 page views, which happens to be higher than the entire month of August. Income wise, I now understand why some webmasters complain that they can’t make money on a Digg. This blog is not properly set up to make money off Digg traffic and it shows – the Google ads will be lucky if they make $15.00. Oh well, that pays for tomorrow’s lunch.