37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #28 – Buzzsumo.com

We are now at Part 28 and will be discussing how tools like Buzzsumo.com are great to increase user experience. Sometimes you need a helping hand to come up with the right content and what better way than to find topics which already resonate with readers…right? Buzzsumo.com is a tool where you’ll type in a keyword and the tool will generate content from across the web that has been written and shared. They organize the information from highest to lowest so you know what type of content your niche loves relevant to your “keyword”. How can you use this information?

I like to use it to find out what topics are trending and being shared online. Next, I like to create something better for my own blog because I know it’s going to create a buzz from my previous research. However, it’s important you know how to use the tool effectively because if you don’t, then you won’t find the right type content and can’t build engagement.

Let’s get started…

Type in Keyword

Start by heading to Buzzsumo.com and typing in a keyword relevant to your niche. For example, if I want to write content on SEO, here are a few I can use:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Guest blogging

These are all solid words and can be used to perform research going forward. However, it’s important the keywords you choose are closely related to your niche because you will be creating content for publishing and irrelevant content will NOT be popular with your readers. Before doing the search, you have a few options you can customize:

  • Custom date, in which you can set to organize information within a time span.
  • Type of content, in which you can select to choose format like article, infographic, interview, and guest post
  • Language, which is useful if you have a specific type of audience you’d like to target.

Before continuing, make sure you set up a free account so you can view all the results. If you don’t, you’ll be limited and won’t be able to skim the entire results.

Narrowing Down Results

Once the tools generate the results, you’ll see them displayed as the following:


From this illustration, you can see how the information will be displayed and it’ll be organized from the highest to lowest shared. Simply by looking at the top results, you’ll be able to find what content is enticing and then can focus on creating something better. I use this information to go through the top “3” results, looking for things they are missing then making sure they are included within my content before publishing.


Always make sure your searches are targeted and try different things because this tool can also be used to generate massive content ideas.

Now what?

User Engagement

Once you have done your research and published content, you can start sharing it on social profiles. When Buzzsumo.com generates the results, it’ll allow you to click on the number associated with each social platform. This information can be used to find the accounts of people who shared the other content so you should reach out to these same people and let them know about your content. The chances of them sharing your content are very high simply because they have shared similar content in the past. Shoot them a quick message within the social platform or visit their personal sites and shoot them an email. Your objective is to get as many people to start sharing so it’ll build momentum over time, etc.

Wrapping It Up…

The cool thing is, I’ve used Buzzsumo.com many times before to build a network and promote my content. You should try using this approach and analyze the results because you’ll be surprised at the overall results. Always try different things and make tweaks along the way.

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