36 Hours of Traveling Twitterers, Visualized

Artist Jer Thorp has created a very interesting vido showing a 3D visualization of Twitter travelers traveling the world. The video is a compilation of 36 hours worth of “just landed in…” tweets.

Thorp’s video maps the probable flights of recently-arrived Twitter travelers over a course of 36 hours, assuming the home locations listed in their profiles as the takeoff points, and their tweeted landing location as their destinations.

The pace of the visualization isn’t ultra mind blowing but you have to keep in mind that these mapped out tweets had to fit the exact “just landed in…” syntax that Thorp was looking for, were almost definitely sent from mobile phone and had to have been deemed post worthy in the first place. No doubt, this video is just the tip of the iceberg for globetrotting Twitter users, but it does help to impact how mainstream Twitter is becoming.