300×250 Ad Stats or Why $1,000 Was a Steal

I thought I would share some stats from the recently sold 300×250 Google ad spot. Since the spot no longer runs Google AdSense, I am under no contract to keep stats about the spot a secret.

The 300×250 ad spot was purchased by Ryan Stewart of eleven21.com, who is now trying to flip it for $1,500. After the information I’m about to reveal, he may just do it.

Ryan’s ad has been running for only two days and already it has generated 26,395 banner views and sent 820 visitors to Ryan’s site for an amazing 3.1% click rate. If these stats hold up, Ryan will receive over 12,300 clicks to his site (assuming he doesn’t sell the spot). That works out to a CPC of only 8 cents. However, I would imagine the clicks will level off as the days go by. These stats doesn’t include all the traffic Ryan received from my blog post about the sale.

The 300×250 Ad Shows Up In The RSS Feed


An unexpected bonus to Ryan (and Bidvertiser next month) is the 300×250 ad shows up in the RSS feed. The reason for this is my ad software served both Javascript and non Javascript codes. Javascript can’t be read by RSS so the ad server sends the non Javascript version. The end result is Ryan is advertising to my blog PLUS the 7,000+ who read this blog from RSS. That effectively doubles the number of ad views the spot was expected to produced.

Expect a Big Price Increase

300×250 ad spot on the blog AND the RSS feed for $1,000. I think Ryan and Bidvertiser pulled down the ad deal of the year. Don’t expect to buy the spot for $1,000 when it goes on sale again.