3 Restaurant Booking Apps for Meeting Planning


Open Table not only opened restaurant patron’s eyes to the ease of booking a reservation with a few clicks, but opened a flood of other restaurant booking apps that fill needs Open Table misses.

Any savvy salesperson, executive, manager, or entrepreneur should always have the skill of choosing the right venue for an important meeting or group social activity for their team. Sometimes your assistant or Open Table just isn’t enough, and that’s when these apps can really save the day and make the consummate professional look 3 steps ahead.


Resy facilitates patrons who need quality tables and but don’t have the connections or the schedule to wait for prime reservation or table. Resy is for the spontaneous and busy who desire the VIP treatment and will pay a little extra to get it.

This app is perfect for that last minute business meeting, when you need to really choose the right venue. Perhaps an executive needs to show off, or needs a quiet elegance to close a deal. Resy will get you the right table at the right time.

Resy has cultivated sales executives who know the restaurant scene, curating the best restaurants so an entrepreneur always looks like he or she is a seasoned foodie with great taste. Cities served so far are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and they’re expanding to DC, San Francisco, and Chicago.


Requested is the Priceline for restaurants. Users can negotiate with bar and restaurant managers during slower times for a better deal on food and drinks. This app is perfect for those who love Happy Hour, and even better for those who are excellent negotiators. Because you can negotiate down the prices, this app is perfect for the manager, executive, or entrepreneur who wants to take the team out for drinks after a hard day at work, but is budget conscience.

Requested is available to patrons in Sacramento, Roseville, and San Francisco. There are 90+ venues waiting to negotiate.

Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder

Food trucks have become incredibly popular, allowing entrepreneurial chefs to feed the masses on a budget. Foodies know some of the best food in the city are actually delivered on food trucks. Having an app that quickly shows you were the best trucks are near your office is always a great ace in the hole to impress colleagues.

This app is perfect for taking the team out for a quick bite on a budget, or for the manager taking a subordinate out on a one on one. It’s also great if you’re the office foodie who always knows the best new place to take everyone out.

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