3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make A Guest Post

Let’s face the truth, guest posting is a trend now and everyone seems to love it. For blog owners, it means fresh content for readers; as for guest posters, it means backlinks and more exposure for their own blog. On the other hand, not every guest blogger get an impact on their blog after their guest post is published maybe because of the blog they guest posted on is not popular. Nevertheless, in this post, I will talk about the on site factors causing your guest posting venture to fail rather than the external factors.

Your Theme Sucks

Alright, one of the reasons is maybe your theme sucks. I’m sure you don’t like seeing the same theme on various websites and neither do your visitors. Believe me, they despise blogs that give them a feeling of reading a “copycat” blog. Lets say I am using John Chow’s theme on my blog and if I do get visitors from my guest post on John’s site, they might say, “Isn’t this just another blog similar to JC? Why should I even bother to read it if I can get everything from John’s blog?”

Well, using free themes isn’t just a problem. You see, themes are normally given out free to bloggers for a reason. Ever heard of this context, “There’s nothing free in this world?”, well it’s true because theme designers normally put their links on the footer of their free theme. What you will expect next is you will give out page rank juice to the theme creator and sending free traffic out too.

Last but not least, free themes are used to generate backlinks by theme designer so try not to expect too much from it. Generally, free themes don’t allow you to change the header or they might even replace it with a text header. So what’s good using a free theme, you won’t be able to brand your own blog and you might even chase off visitors from your guest post!

Your Content Sucks

Picture this, you read an awesome guest post on John Chow’s blog, you look at the credits, click on the link and you get sent to a blog where it’s stuffed with RSS feeds from John Chow, Shoemoney, Zac Johnson and Problogger. What will you do next? If I am you, I will hit the close button immediately without any thinking. What’s the benefit of reading a plagiarized blog? In this world, everyone loves original. “Buy Original, See Original” is the slogan for my country’s awareness program to stop pirating discs activities. Let say if you can buy a Air Jordan and China’s fake Air Jordan basketball shoes at the same price, which will you settle with? Definitely the real one so remember, I don’t mean you shouldn’t use some ideas from other bloggers but what I mean is not to copy them directly.

Besides plagiarized content, your blog is so not going to be popular after your guest post if it lack posts. A blog is alive as long as there are posts so if you are just a new blogger wanting to do a guest post, remember to make your blog useful before promoting it. No readers in the world like a blog with only a post and I can tell you that they will be your once in a lifetime visitor.

Your Are A Cheapskate

I remembered the old saying, “Being a cheapskate prepares you to be poor”, so please don’t be a miser. If you want to be rich, live a rich man’s life rather than saving all your money and starve yourself. First and foremost, those new “Probloggers” who wants to make big cheques in the blogosphere and save money at the same time will opt for a .info domain name. Here’s the fact, the .info domain is normally of low quality and Google doesn’t really like them too. Proxies owner usually use .info and that puts you in the same league with them too.

Do you know what makes Nike and Addidas so successful that nobody can kick them off the first and second place? It’s the logo. If you see a Swoosh logo or Three stripes on a sports equipment, you will know that they are of high quality and for me, seeing their logo makes me feel superior. Lets get back to your blog, if your blog has a logo designed by a 13-year-old kid, it’s destined to be a supreme failure and even God can’t stop it. My advice? Get a decent graphic designer to design your logo so you can make readers feel that they’re reading a quality blog.

The greatest failure in life is unable to take action so here’s my two cents, I can tell you everything that will make your blog fail and how to prevent it but it’s up to you to take action. If you prefer to sit, whine and take no action, I can guarantee that you will still fail so GO AND TAKE ACTION NOW!

This post is written by iYingHang, a 17 years old online entrepreneur who runs his web design company while blogging at his technologies blog, Shastera Technology Blog.