3 Ninja Ways To Get Backlinks

Ok, everyone knows that the more links you have pointing to your website the higher your search engine rankings are going to be. Without backlinks your website doesn’t exist and nobody is going to see it unless you have a big mailing list, or money to spend on advertising.

Most marketers write tons of articles, press releases, and do guest blogging which is fine because it does work, but I want to tell you about some very cool ninja ways to get backlinks that can shoot your website to the top in no time.

First of all, stop using automated submitters or other SEO software that promises top rankings. It’s a short lived strategy and most of the time it only works for low competition keywords. Basically what these tools do is spam the engines with duplicate content.

There are much more effective backlinking strategies and I am going to go over some of them in this post. The main strategy is called “linkbaiting”. It’s the most effective way to get literally thousands of backlinks to your website without lifting a finger once you make the wheels turning so to speak.

So let’s get started 🙂

1. Write controversial, funny, or high quality content

Don't mess with the Ninja Watermelon!You want to concentrate on putting out content that gets people engaged. You want them to share it on forums, social bookmarking sites, their own blogs etc.
Not every post you make to your blog or page you add to your website needs to be a linkbait, but you should add a few that you can promote.

How to create a killer content linkbait?

When I try to make a piece of content that people will want to link to, I treat it as I am writing an ebook or report that I am going to sell.

I create an outline “table of contents” and I start researching each topic I want to cover in my report. I then open up MS Word and go to town! It takes me about 2-3 hours to write up a nice 2000-word report (I know I am slow). Then I simply post it to my blog instead of selling it. I found this very effective and those pages usually get high rankings quickly.

Obviously you want to write about something that gets a lot of searches. Then you can write a press release about it or mail it to your existing list to get the ball rolling.

You will be surprised how many website owners will link to your page. I literally get hundreds of links to some of my websites without trying.

2. Give away free stuff

This is so effective that you could totally rely on just this one strategy to get backlinks.

People love free stuff and they will share it all over if you are giving away something of value. You can use this technique in all kinds of niches but I found it easier to execute in the internet marketing niche.

For example, you could have someone create you a few nice looking WordPress themes and then you give them away on your website for free. Make sure each theme has your copyright link at the bottom pointing to your main site or blog.

I hope you are realizing how powerful this actually is. Not only people will link to your page where you give away those themes, but also people who use them will unintentionally link back to your website 🙂

You could also give away free WordPress plugins. I know that this strategy requires some investment but trust me it’s well worth it.

Just imagine if you created a plugin that other marketers sell and you put it up on your site for free. Do you think that would get other site owners to link to you? I think so

Then include a “Powered by keyword” somewhere inside the plugin so when it’s installed on other people’s blogs it will be visible to search engines. I know it’s wicked!

3. Create web based tools

Also very powerful technique because it gets people to come back to your website plus it can go viral on the web if the tool is really good.

How hard it would be for you to hire some coder from Freelancer.com or Odesk.com to create a nice web based tool that people might want to use? It wouldn’t even cost much either. You are looking at maybe $200-$500 investment (depends on how complex it is)

If you want to find out what you should create then go check out forums in your niche and see what could potentially make things easier for people in that market.

In the internet marketing niche you can simply go to Warrior Forum, Digital Point, Wicked Fire, or Sitepoint and find tons of ideas.

What I would do is go to the WSO section in the Warrior Forum and check out tools that are selling well already, and then simply create my own simplified version of the software as a web based tool that people can use for free.

Then I would do a press release on PrWeb to announce the new tool I just created.

Those 3 linkbaiting methods are extremely effective and if you just use one of them you will see some amazing results. I have gotten some high quality backlinks from major authority sites this way.

There is absolutely no point in buying links, spamming engines with profile links, using blackhat tools, or writing thousands of articles.

Come up with a good linkbait strategy and watch your search engine rankings increase quickly and without all the tedious manual work.

Pawel Reszka is the owner of Affhelper.com, a website where you can find a lot of tips and strategies on how to make money online. If you are looking for some great affiliate marketing techniques make sure to check out his blog.