3 Essential Blogging Skills You Should Pursue

What are the 3 essential skills you should acquire in order to experience a topnotch success with your blog?

I can boldly say that most bloggers work more than 15 hours a week and as such, they need to stay on track. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make money blogging or drive tons of free traffic.

Therefore, you must revisit your goals and see if you’re still on track or have been distracted unknowingly.

When I started blogging, I thought every activity requires my attention.

But I was wrong. Yes, there is nothing wrong in knowing what’s happening here and there, but when it comes to growing your blog, I want to share the 3 essential skills you should pursue and lay your hands on.

Right away, let’s explore the 3 essential skills and show you how to develop them easily:

Communication Skill

Did you know that most bloggers are too timid to meet people when they attend conferences and workshops? I’ve attended about three this year and I can tell you that making friends quickly is a skill that most people don’t possess.

But if you want to take your blog to the next level, then you’ve got to move away from your own portal and communicate with other people. This is where networking comes in.

Yes, I agree that you started your own because you’ve something valuable to share, but if you’re alone, how on earth are you going to promote that content?

When I started guest blogging like crazy in 2012, I connected with a lot of A-list bloggers and that connection brought in writing assignments, book projects and I was able to make more money than my friends who work with big firms in their city.

No matter what you do, learn to communicate effectively. Don’t be shy to meet people. Don’t be shy to connect with other bloggers. Don’t give excuses why they’d reject you.

Ideally, before you pitch a guest post to an A-list blogger, find out how they’re doing, how the family is fairing as well.

Talk to people with respect. If you can communicate well, you’ll be able to clearly showcase the value you provide. This blogging skill is priceless – go grab it!

Persuasion Skill

I love to persuade

Now you need to convert readers to email subscribers. And stealthily nurture the relationship until people start to believe, trust and like you. At that point, it’d be easier to convince them to buy your affiliate product or order your latest e-book.

Persuasion skill is vital because you need to make money with your blog. The blogosphere is already saturated with bloggers who wants a piece of the cake. You need to stand out in the crowd, by using persuasive skills. If you promote physical products like camcorders, apparels or digital picture frames online, using persuasion on your reviews can boost your sales.

For instance, if a reader wants to buy a web hosting package from Hostgator. You and I know that millions of blogs review this because they want the recurring income (well, who doesn’t).

But the most important factor that would determine who the reader buys from is persuasion. If I visit your blog and you highlight the benefits, give me HUGE bonuses and even help me set up my new blog, I’d be more likely to buy through your affiliate link.

Remember that giving away so much value isn’t enough. You’ve to learn to communicate it like copywriters do. Persuade people to buy from you, rather than your friend who also reviews the same thing.

So how do you persuade people to listen and buy from you? Well, the first step is to understand the basics of psychology. Why do people buy products online? You’ve got to understand that prospects buy out of emotion but at the end, they always justify it by logic.

Learn how people think and act. This way, you can write persuasive blog posts, craft catchy titles and use strong but no-hype call to action designs.

Can I let you in on a secret? Did you know that my typical post is well-detailed, about 3000 words? See 73 writing tips. But notwithstanding, my readers still enjoy it, because I use persuasive tactics to hook them. Aha! Keep your mouth shut!

Outsourcing skill

The last blogging skill that’s so wonderful and I advise that you pursue it is “outsourcing skill.” Let me tell you the truth – for you to make a good living online as a blogger, you need to bring other people onboard.

You will need the services of a writer, a web graphic design, a programmer, a marketer, virtual assistants and so many other professionals.

Even if you’re proficient and can do all of that, you don’t have enough time to subject yourself to rigorous work. Professional bloggers whom you admire today all have people working with them.

I’m telling you the truth. Learn how to outsource to professionals without investing all your hard earned money. In fact, outsourcing skills helps you to become a productive blogger so you can write more, promote better and make more money.

Take action…

There you go, the 3 powerful and essential blogging skills you should pursue and lay your mighty hands on. No matter how long it takes to become an expert at these skills, don’t give up.

Remember that persuasive and communication skills makes you a better writer, while outsourcing skill makes you a productive and effective marketer.

Have you acquired any special skill recently that’s been helpful to your blogging business? I can’t wait to read your valuable comment below. See you ahead.

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