25 Best Traffic Building Tips Ever Part#23-2: Linking To Existing Business Profiles

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Welcome to Part 23-2 of this awesome business link building strategy. The main premise behind such a strategy is building tiered 2 links to your business profiles to increase the overall value of the page. These business profiles are linking to your money website and the value of these links increase as you build tiered 2 links. However, it’s important you build links strategically avoiding spam so you don’t fall below Google’s quality guidelines. For those of you having a hard time understanding what tiered 2 links are, here’s a quick illustration:

Website A – Is the Tiered 2 Links

Website B – Is the Business Profile

Website A -> Website B -> SEO Target Website

From the example above, you can see how building links to links can add value to each profile, sending it to the main target website. It’s a great concept but it must be done correctly or you can be banned. This strategy is considered a grey hat technique so it can fall into blackhat if things are NOT done right from the start. Today, I’ll be discussing the importance of finding quality Tiered 2 links and frequency of building them to your business profiles.

Quality Tiered 2 Links

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been writing on effective link building, introducing several awesome techniques. You can use those same strategies to build links to your business directory profiles. For example, I’ve used the following and done very well in the past:

  • Link directories
  • Article directories
  • Blog commenting
  • Social bookmarking

Your main objective is to find the best and highest quality links when building links. There is no substitution for quality. However, let me introduce you to a quick strategy that will streamline the entire link building process. Head over to Fiverr.com and do a quick search for “link building” in the SEO category. Purchase a gig for $5.00, but pay close attention to the amount of links they offer. You’re NOT looking for a bulk link building campaign, but one that builds them steadily and will provide you around 15-25 links. You have to remember, you’re building links to your tier 1 profiles and are looking to build only a few to increase overall value. Unlike your “target” websites, which requires 100% effort, you can get by simply hiring someone to get the job done for you.

Frequency Matters

It doesn’t matter if you’re building links to your “target” website or tiered 1 site because you have to always be careful about frequency. Building too fast will be considered spam and building too slow won’t provide any results so make sure you use the following strategy. If you’re hiring someone to get the links done for you, then ask them to spread them to a frequency of 3-4 links per week. If they are building 25 links altogether, then the complete campaign should run 6-7 days. The same should be done by you if you’re building links to your tiered 1 profile, making sure you spread them out to a frequency of 4-5 links per week. I usually let something like this run for about a month then go back and analyze the results. From experience, this strategy has worked very well at increasing the value of already existing links but you want to make sure what tiered “2” links provide the MOST value so you can use them going forward.

Here’s what will happen when you’ve done your campaign. If your business profiles had a page authority of 10, then by building quality links to the page, you’ll be able to increase the value to 20. With this page linking to your target page, it’ll increase the value of the link, and ultimately, your rankings within the SERP’s.

Wrapping It Up

This strategy is awesome and I’ve used it several times in the past to increase the value of existing links in my profile. You have to be careful about the types of links you choose and the rate of link building. However, if implemented correctly, this strategy can be very powerful at increasing SERP rankings. You have to remember, there will come a point when it’s hard to find new links to build so this is an alternative by simply increasing the power of existing links already pointing to your “target” website.

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