2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid


Yes it’s true! Cadillac is planning an Escalade Hybrid so you can have the same pimpin’ pleasure with 25 percent less guilt! When this came across the GM news wire, my first thought was, “Wow! That’s like that fat lady I saw at 7-11 filling up a Super Big Gulp with Diet Coke.”

The Cadillac Hybrid was unveiled at last month’s GM TEN fashion event. The event brings together the worlds of fashion, automotive design and entertainment under one roof. The “green machine” theme of the show features General Motors advanced technology vehicles, including many hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hybrids like the new environmentally friendly Escalade that is sure to get into Al Gore’s good book.

So just how green is the new Escalade? GM claims that harmful emissions will drop significantly, and fuel economy will be boosted by some 25 percent. Upon hearing that my thoughts were, “Wow! It goes from 12MPG to 15MPG!” I guess 25 percent increase sounds a lot better than traveling three more miles on a gallon of gas.

Visually, the Hybrid Escalade looks the same as the normal escalade, but will no doubt cost considerably more. My feeling on this? The money you pay to get that three extra miles per gallon can buy a lot of gas!

Since I’m on the topic of Cadillac Escalade, I figure now would be a great time to post this picture of Jennifer Love-Hewitt with a limited-edition Grammy Escalade. No Hybrid for her!