2007 Computex Taipei Booty Haul


Here’s a pic of some of the free stuff I got during my trip to Computex Taipei. I had to put everything into a big box in order to get it home. Some of the bigger free stuff are being mailed to me by the manufacturers. Getting all this stuff through customs prove easier than I thought. When you’re away from Canada for more than a week, you’re allow to bring back $750 of stuff per person. That’s $1,500 of free stuff between me and Sarah.

I’m pretty sure the value of all the free stuff is less than $1,500 at the manufacturing level. Some of the stuff I couldn’t placed a value on (like that Intel chipset robot) because it’s custom made. To value the stuff, I took an estimate on how much the stuff cost to make. So the value of the iPod was $50 and those 4GB OCZ flash drives cost $10 each.

I will be giving away most of this stuff in future blog promotions. However, I am keeping those air hammers! Look for the first contest tomorrow night. I’m giving away a 24″ wide screen LCD monitor!

Who wants it? :mrgreen: