20 Ways to Blog #1 – Product Reviews

I decided to put this series together because I’m often asked: How can I make money from my blog? I’ve also been blogging for several years and learned cool ways you can earn a decent living from simply growing and optimizing your blog space. However, sometimes, it’s NOT as simple as blogging to earn money because you have to be strategic in your approach. For you to be successful through blog marketing, you have to know what’s available to you and what people are looking for. Explore the market to find out what’s popular because just like content, the success in marketing will depend on demand. The good news is, you have many resources available to you that will shed some light on the different options available.

Let’s look at the first cool way to monetize your blog, which is through Product Reviews.


The Concept

First, it’s important to mention earning money through your blog ONLY works when there is demand for your blog and you have established yourself as an authority. In the end, with authority comes a flow of relevant traffic that is attractive to those people looking to purchase ad space on your blog. When you have a flow of traffic, this also means you are an authority in your niche because why else would people be visiting your blog…correct? With that said,

If you have been blogging for several years and established yourself as an authority, then it can be very easy to make money off product reviews. Many product developers who are just starting out are looking for exposure in the industry and what better way to get it than to network with authority bloggers within the niche? Here’s a quick example,

Imagine if I have 1,000,000 people visiting my blog every month and these people are loyal to me because of the reputation I’ve established over the years. I always provide high quality content and solve a common problem within my niche. A positive product review from me can hold a lot of weight with my readers and generate enormous brand awareness for the product developer.

I wanted to quickly show you how the concept works and in the next section, you’ll learn why it’s so beneficial to both parties.

The Developer

It’s great exposure quickly and can generate enormous sales for your company. The hardest challenge is finding someone within the industry who will review your product. Many bloggers will request a FREE trial and always post an honest opinion so you better make sure your product is better than the competition. Authority bloggers have built their reputation by providing honest advice to their audience and don’t think it will change because there is some monetary value involved. However, here’s the good news…

If your product does add value, then you can definitely generate an immediate buzz through a product review. However, you have to make sure the following factors are in place before an authority blogger will even consider reviewing your product.

Authority Blogger Criteria

From my experience, authority bloggers don’t have a problem reviewing your product if you offer:

  • A FREE trial
  • Referral commission

Both these are on top of the fact that the product MUST be relevant to the niche. An SEO blogger will NOT review a weight loss product because their audience simply won’t find it useful. Next, authority bloggers will always ask this question: What’s in it for me?

In most cases, they’ll ask for the following:

First, referral commission for each person sent through their website. Many times, you’ll be able to work out a commission structure that is beneficial to both of you. Secondly, a FREE license so they can use it and write an honest review about the product functionality. I’ve always written content that is very in-depth and at the same time, I’ll create videos to provide a walk-through. The only way I’m able to do this is by having complete access to the product I’m reviewing.

If you can meet the following criteria, then you will be able to monetize your blog or website through product reviews. The product developer will also be able to use this approach to monetize their blog product page.

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