$20 To Stamp Your Papers

Today was a very busy day. First I had to get a haircut. Then I went downtown with Carl Nelson to some government office for him to pay $20 to someone for stamping his papers that say he can bring a cat with him on his trip to Hong Kong tomorrow. After that we went to Joe Forte for lunch. It was already 3PM by then and I had a dinner engagement at 6PM so I didn’t eat that much, which was too bad because Joe has some really good food.

We managed to get out of downtown before the rush hour started and made it back home in time for me to check stats and get change so we can head out again for my dad’s birthday dinner. As luck with have it, this is the first time I’ve showed up on time for a family dinner and no one else is there. So Sarah and I headed across the street to the grocery store and brought some raw food stuff for tomorrow’s dinner.

Dad’s birthday dinner was the traditional 10 course Chinese seafood dinner. It’s an amazing amount of food. We had 8 people at the dinner and there was still tons of food left. What was even more amazing was the price – just $108.00. I wonder how that restaurant stays in business?