1st Winner of The Playboy Mansion Party Contest


If you haven’t entered the AzoogleAds Party At The Playboy Mansion Contest because you think your affiliate marketing skills sucks and you don’t have a chance of winning, you’re in luck! Today, from 11AM to 4PM (eastern time), Azoogle will be hosting a trivia contest to give away a ticket to the party. The trivia quiz will come down exactly at 4PM. It will consist of questions about AzoogleAds/Epic (multiple choice and write-ins) as well as some fun ones about their party in August relating to Azoogle’s 2009 Publisher Challenge.

The only requirement for taking the quiz is that you have an active publisher ID with AzoogleAds. There is no minimum dollar threshold or geographic barriers to entry, but they will be checking publisher ID’s after the trivia quiz is over to make sure that you do have an active account.

The person who answers the most questions correctly will be an early winner in the 2009 AzoogleAds Publisher Challenge. The link to the trivia quiz will go live at www.CUatTheMansion.com at 11AM today (2/19/2009), and will come down promptly at 4PM. Good luck and keep an eye on that clock!