19,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

It’s been twenty days since I did an AGLOCO update. Ever since AGLOCO released the Viewbar, the site has been hammered with requests. The site was so slow I couldn’t log in to check my stats on some days. Things have improved since AGLOCO offloaded the download to Tucows. Here’s where my account stands today.


As you can see, I’ve passed the 19,000 sign up mark. At my current rate of growth, I expect to cross the 20,000 milestone in another eight or nine days. That’s the cool thing about a system like AGLOCO – it will keep building even if I do nothing. You will also noticed that my stats now shows surfing hours. AGLOCO pays up to five hours for personal surfing (I did that while in Taipei) and up to 1.25 hours for everyone in your network. Those 1.25 hours added up to over 2,700 hours so far.

How Payment Will Work

I’ve been receiving a tremendous amount of emails from members (both in my network and outside) asking how payment will work and when we will get paid. At this time, I don’t have all the answers. The next time I talk to AGLOCO, I should have more information. However, I can tell you how the process will work.

At the end of the month (but more likely end of the quarter), AGLOCO will look at how much they brought in from advertising revenue, remove 10% as their fee, and divide the remainder into total network surfing hours. This will give us the pay rate per hour. Take this rate, multiply it by your total network surfing hours and that’s how much you make. Alternatively, you can take shares in the company at a rate of one share per hour. However, my feeling is everyone will take cash with the first payment (if only to show that we do get paid).

What the base pay rate will be is anybody’s guess. I wouldn’t expect it to be too much in the beginning. It will improve as more members join the network and more advertisers become aware of the new market.

Two Keys To Making Money With AGLOCO

The first key is obvious – sign up more people. The more people you have in your network, the more money you make. The second key is to get those people to use the Viewbar. This is a lot harder than it appears. I have 19,108 people in my network but they have surfed a combined 2,717.5 hours out of a maximum possible 23,885 hours. That gives me a NAI (Network Activity Index) of just 11.4%. The NAI will improve as more members download the Viewbar. If I can double the NAI, it would have the same effect as doubling the size of my network.

Now that the Viewbar is out and AGLOCO is able to handle the download requests, signing up new members should be a lot easier. And unlike old members who signed up before the Viewbar (and may have forgotten about it), the new members will start using the Viewbar right away. The best course of action would be to continue signing up new members and remind the old members that the Viewbar is available for download and you can start making money from it.

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