$150 Into $15,000 In 30 Days

Dan Raine is a successful internet marketer and is inviting you to watch him either make a great big fool of himself, or celebrate in his success. Over drinks with some fellow Dot Com’s Dan said something along the lines of “If I had to start all over again then I could easily make ten grand within a month” His fate was seal and challenge was issued. Starting with just $150, Dan has to turn that into $15,000 in 30 days. The rules:

• I have 30 days to earn $15,000 (I initially said £10,000 which is around $18,000 but they were nice and rounded down)
• Starting capital is $150
• No loans, or any credit financing. Anything purchased on credit cards will be deducted from the allowed amount.
• No use of any existing software, scripts, or products that I own. With the exception of standard tools such as an HTML editor, graphics apps, FTP etc.
• The $15,000 is net profit not gross income.
• It has to be in a non-internet marketing niche.
• All income has to be derived from the Internet and can’t come from the sale of any site or business that I create.
• No existing mailing lists may be used, and I can’t use any existing sites I own or friends/friends lists to promote the business.

Dan’s progress will be updated on his challenge site. It’s an awesome opportunity to get an inside look at how the professionals make their money on the internet, and everything that he does will be documented so anyone can follow the steps to build their own Dot Com empire.

You can follow his progress by signing up to his site at http://www.15kchallenge.com. What’s more, he’s giving away the complete site, and all the profits (even if he doesn’t make the $15k) to one person who signs up.

If you don’t wish to sign up but still want to see how he is going to turn $150 to $15,000 in 30 days, then you can just access his challenge site here.

Good luck Dan! You’re going to need it!