15% Off Text Link Ads Holiday Sale

Text Link Ads is having a 15% off sale during the month of October. Right now you can order up any links in the TLA inventory of blogs and buy those links for 15% off the stated price when you enter holidays in the coupon code. The 15% off price will be the price you pay as long as you renew it. If you renew it forever, that is the price forever.

Unfortunately, all link spots on this blog are sold out. However, this is a great time to pick up some post level text link ads. Those are the “related link” at the bottom of a blog post.

Post Level Text Link Ads

The ad can have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description. Pricing is based on the PageRank of the post. That great part is they can be had for as little as $5! You can view prices and inventory of articles available for post level ads here.

As Low As 2.26 Cents Per Click

CashQuests has done a case study on how the Post Level TLA links she bought on my blog performed. She purchased a post level links in the following posts.

The links have sent CashQuests 752 unique visitors so far. That breaks down an amazing 2.26 cents cost per click. As CashQuests states, “You’d struggle to find a better cost-per-click anywhere online!”

If you’re a brand new Text Link Ads advertiser it maybe better to use the $100 coupon code. It really depends on the size of your purchase. If the 15% off can save you more than $100, then use that. Otherwise, use coupon code starter kit to get $100 off a brand new order. The starter coupon is available to new TLA advertisers only.