12,140 RSS Readers – 279 Away From Overtaking Shoemoney

John Chow dot Com has hit another blogging milestone. The blog broke 12,000 RSS readers for the first ever. Right now, the counter stands at 12,140. What’s more, we are now just 279 readers away from having more total RSS readers than Shoemoney! This competition started off to see who can get the most new readers but my margin of victory is now so great (I’m leading by 1,970 readers) there’s really nothing more to do than to overtake Shoe’s RSS count and hand one of the biggest marketers on the Internet a humiliating defeat.

Let’s make a final push and overtake Shoemoney’s RSS count today! Subscribe to my feed, sign up to my RSS by Email, download my toolbar and tell all your friends to do that same. Blog about it and tell your readers to subscribe. We can do this!

Later today, I will be giving away two $25 New Egg Gift card from Team Tutorials, two $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards by Shaun Carter, a 300×250 ad spot on John Cow, and $300 of promotional pens from 1234.pens. The winners will be drawn from the readers who subscribed to my RSS by Email. You still have a few hours left to get in on the draw. Sign up here.

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