$1000 PublisherForums Contest

My new rich buddy Tyler Cruz just gave me that heads up on a new contest he’s holding at PublisherForums. He’s giving away $1,000 of cash money! That’s way better than the pens and flash drives I’ve been giving out.

This is not a simple posting contest where only the top posters can win. In fact, there are 10 prizes available to be won, and members may qualify for for multiple prizes.

There are other webmaster forums out there that actually endorse spam or low quality posts. That would go against PublisherForums’s purpose, which is to provide intellectual discussion for web publishers. The prize structure has been set up to allow for both the best possible quality for the site, as well as awarding members for various contributions to the forum.


Full contest rules are available at PublisherForums. The contest starts today and runs until April 1st.

Quality Post Winners

Quality posting is when a member makes particularly high quality or helpful posts on average. The top quality posters will be chosen by the administrator. Members of the forum will then vote on a poll to decide the winners.

Top Post Winners

The top posters will be measured by the highest number of posts made during the contest. Low-quality posts, or spamming will not tolerated. Members who purposely make poor posts in order to boost their post count will be removed from the contest at the administrator’s discretion.

You don’t have to worry about current members having more posts than you. Post counts for this contest has been reset to zero starting today. Everyone has an equal shot at winning.

Community Spirit Winner

Chosen by the forum administrator, the Community Spirit winner is a member who is enthusiastic, helpful, and have a strong sense of community activeness within PublisherForums.

Top Point Winners

This is the one I intend to win. Points are awarded for referring other members to PublisherFourms (1 point per member) and/or writing a blog post about them (10 points) and/or getting other blogs to write a blog post about them (5 points per blog).

The top prize is $200 for the category and I figure I have a good shot at it. In my evil ways, I have come up with a genius plan to dominate the points category.

If I win, You Win

It’s pretty simple, if I win any of the top points category, I will give away the money to a forum member who used me as the referral. Sign up for PublisherForum (referral link), then leave a comment telling me your user name and I’ll put you in the draw. Make a blog post about this and I’ll give you two more entries.

The winner of the last point contest sign up only nine new members so I know my chances of winning are good. Assuming I do win, I will make a draw from all the names and that person will win whatever I win! Good luck!

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