10 Ways To Turn A Website Into A Smashing Hit

This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson of The Rating Blog.

While I have covered the most common 10 ways to turn a website into a flop with my recent guest post, it’s time to analyze things from a different perspective and see how you can turn your website into a smashing hit:

1 – Establishing a solid foundation

One of the most common traits among successful webmasters is the fact that they start each project by establishing a solid foundation, in other words, by setting the right goals and only then working towards achieving them. Knowing exactly where you want to take things with your websites is definitely a must.

2 – Having a solid business model

One should never just launch a website just for the sake of it. It is highly recommended that you always know what type of audience you are targeting, what your contribution to the market is and what makes you better than competitors. Never underestimate the importance of a solid business model.

3 – Adding value to the Web

If you are interested in long-term success, adding value to the Web is the most important part of the equation. In the end, it all boils down to giving others a reason to visit your website in the first place on the one hand and a reason to come back on the other.

4 – Spreading the word

It is extremely important that you let people know you’re out there and that you do everything you can in order to make sure that your website doesn’t remain unnoticed. While adding value to the Web through your content is the key aspect here, spreading the word is also a must.

5 – Having the right priorities

You are only human and, no matter how productive you are, the day only has 24 hours and you will eventually reach a point when you will not be able to take care of every little task on your to-do list and, as such, setting priorities will be in order. If you don’t know where to start as far as the issue of setting priorities and becoming more productive is concerned, the article I’ve written regarding 123 ways to increase your productivity and manage time like the pros will be a great starting point.

6 – Playing the trial and error game

It’s impossible to know what works best for you right from the start and, as such, some serious experimenting will be in order. Actually, the trial&error game is never really over since, even after you’ve found something you are satisfied with, trying other options on for size never hurts, as here is always room for improvement.

7 – Not giving up

Things won’t always be easy and your reaction under such circumstances will, in the end, make or break you as an online entrepreneur. Never give up, always give it 110%, even when your goals will seem out of reach.

8 – Networking

No, you are not the only webmaster out there, why would you want to isolate yourself? In fact, you will be able to generate more than a few win-win situations by making good contacts and by keeping in touch with other online entrepreneurs. In the end, networking is one of the main perks the Web comes with, why not take advantage of it?

9 – Striving for excellence

You should always have the right attitude. No, you are not here just to be another webmasters and no, you should not settle with your current income level, as comfortable as it may be. You are here to be the best and you had better let others know as well.

10 – Thinking long-term

Sure, you might be doing fairly well today, but what about a year from now? It’s easy to fall into the trap of short-term thinking, of taking it one day at a time but in the end, such an attitude will get you nowhere and you never know when a reality check may ruin everything for you.