10 Ways For Bloggers To Stand Out From The Crowd

This post was guest blogged by Eric Hamm of Motivate Thyself and Sean Platt of Writer Dad. They are co-authors of Blogopolis Blueprint.

Over time you’ll hear us use the term herd when referencing the majority of bloggers on the Net. It may sound condescending, but it’s not. It’s a fact that should be addressed and understood. It’s pervasive no doubt; most bloggers do things just like every other blogger out there without evaluating the reason behind their method. As with any new fad, ideas go viral until we soon see every blogger and his buddy boarding the band wagon.

A new must have theme comes out and soon every new blog is suddenly posting content beneath the shadow of a single design. A new product goes viral, and it’s soon a permanent fixture on the sidebar of the blogging community. The quarterback bloggers have a certain number of comments everyday; an instant metric for everyone else to measure their own comments by. Time and again we see it.

Time and again, we’ve fallen into the same habits ourselves. This is NO WAY to become a successful blogger. Do it and you will only carry the hollow sound of a tired echo.

Use What Works To Blaze A Trail Uniquely Your Own.

There isn’t any doubt that there are some common tactics every blogger should use. If you’re new to Blogopolis, it’s essential you learn the basics before you can be an effective member of the community. Once established, you are free to blog to the beat of your own drum. Stand out, be unique, and search for opportunities not yet dim from too much exposure. There are too many bloggers fighting for the same spot. You can’t afford to waste time in futile competition.

Here are 10 ways that will help you learn to think for yourself and truly stand apart from the masses.

1: Treat Your Blog As Your Personal Online Fingerprint

Don’t worry about other blogs, worry about yourself. Every minute spent fretting over what someone else is doing is sixty seconds your not spending making your blog better. Your blog is your fingerprint, inked with your style and ideas. Certainly, we want a well designed blog, but be sure your blog isn’t a faded copy.

2: Look for Results, Not Answers

This point is extremely important if you plan to break free from the herd. People love to pontificate about their success, but it’s only their results that matter. If someone tells me I can get to A by doing B and C, but they only saw A by going straight to D and F, it’s hard to take them seriously. Keep your eyes peeled for the road to results, not unproven theory.

3: Blog for Respect, Not Popularity

Popularity often follows respect. Popularity is by no means a bad thing, but popularity alone won’t cover the mortgage. It is only from the respect of your fellow bloggers that you can build a scaffolding for success.

4: Let Your Personality Show

Which bloggers do you remember on any given day? The ones who let their personalities show, or the ones who just blended into the background of your day? Many bloggers, or people in general, tend to say what they believe others want to here rather than reveal the individuality of their own thought. This is boring. No one remembers these bloggers and they will never stand out. It’s that simple. (Of course we should always show respect for others, but putting forth an honest perspective can take you places in life as well as Blogopolis.)

5: Bring Forth Original Ideas

Take a post, any post, and do a Google search with the title. Read the content. More than likely, you will see the same ideas bandied about, time and time again. We’re tired of reading the same repetition. People want fresh perspectives with original thought. Be that person and you WILL stand out.

6: Address the A-listers In A Way Not Common To A Member of The Herd

The top bloggers are always being contacted by those at the base of the totem pole. Most of these are card carrying members of the herd, behaving like obsessed fans as they pine for the attention of their pro blogger of choice. Naturally, this does nothing but turn off the A-blogger in question. Never be afraid to seek connection with an A-lister. Just be sure that when you do, you show a humble confidence; respect for the blogger that leaves plenty of room for respect for yourself.

7: Ensure Your Content Is ALWAYS Top Notch

This would seem like a no brainier, but with millions of posts spread around Blogopolis like graffiti on Time Square, we are bombarded by an abundance of content that falls well short of solid. Post out quality content. Period.

8: Add Comments, Not Clutter

Here we go with the graffiti again. Commenting on another blog is a kind of extension of your content. If you can leave only useful, pertinent ideas, you will be ahead of 95% of the rest. If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

9: Look The Part

There’s no getting around it – appearance (especially the first impression) is crucial. Everything from your avatar to your entire blog design. Appear professional and you will be treated as a professional. Even if your blog is lite and humorous, you can still create an image of yourself and your blog that shows you are serious.

10: Read THIS Blog

There are certainly many blogs out there that talk about blogging. I can’t speak for them, but I CAN say that this particular blog, if you read it on a regular basis, will make you stand out from the heard and find your voice.