10 Ways Cloud Computing Will Improve Our Lives

In technology world, everyone is talking about cloud computing and many business applications are adopting cloud technology faster. Over the last 10 years there is a huge shift from traditional software to the internet. Hardware and software used in traditional business applications are expensive and complicated for which a whole team of experts are required to update, install, configure, test and run them. But with cloud computing all these headaches gets eliminated and hardware and software will be managed by an experienced vendor. With cloud applications, you just have to open a browser, login, customize the app and start using it.

Cloud computing has the ability to transform many industries around the world by producing a series of disruptions.

The following are ways of describing the cloud’s potential to change the business and personal lives.

1. Power to provide higher speed without interruption

Cloud posses the power to make everyone a gamer. Cloud computing has a gaming application which changes the nature of the kind of information. The gaming experience can be used with new generation to educate them on chronic diseases and coach the patients about using a drug. The gaming technique can be used to many other areas including product development to personalized medication and disease management programs.

2. Timely corrections can be done

Cloud computing will help you to take timely actions for fixing any stuff. This system can help persons to keep ahead of problems. Cloud will make the fixing stuff easier. For example, a driver of electric car can be informed in advance with the help of cloud computing that his car is running out of charging and he need to take the car to the charging station. In another case filed technicians can get immediate access to training modules with the help of cloud computing to find out how to repair an object.

3. Computing will become invisible

Cloud is showing its power to make computers and software invisible. Cloud will make the computer interactions hand free like the most recent launch of Kinect. In this gamers have nothing to do with the controllers they have to simply use gestures and movements which will be finally interpreted by a 3-D camera and infrared detection systems.

4. Visibility and reliability of inventory records

Cloud promises to give you what you actually want in stores. Sometimes, a product is shortlisted on internet but when it has been searched in stores, it is found that stores do not keep these products because they are website bound, but with the help of cloud one can purchase products with the stores who are connected to web browsers.

5. Companies will become trusted advisor

In today’s world, when whole of your online activities were watched and recorded it has become easier for companies to understand you as an individual hence they will not concentrate on immediate sales of their products, rather they will be more interested in making a good relations with you by advising you.

6. Provide unique way of selling

With the help of cloud applications, companies have invented unique ways of selling products to consumers and different businesses. Previously there was a phenomenon of people buying from people but now cloud has changed this phenomenon, people are moving towards online transactions. Cloud will facilitate the retailers to put their offerings online and also offer free online versions to the customers to develop a closer understanding of customers. Through this technique retailers can expect that customers using free online version will eventually sift to paid versions with more features.

7. Globalization of small scale business

Cloud computing will help the small scale businesses which are constrained to particular places due to shortages of funds to expand globally with reduced overhead cost. Cloud will help them to take advantage over their competitors as it does not involve building of physical data centre at new locations.

8. Secured data stored in Laptops

By using cloud all the data stored in laptops can be easily secure by storing them on internet. Thefts of laptops have resulted in the risk of loss of important information related to any person or any company so to decline the security breach, all the data gets encrypted in internet and laptop only plays a medium to access it.

9. Developing countries exploiting cloud quicker

It is predicted that countries like China and India who are developing will make quicker use of cloud computing. These countries will exploit new opportunities faster and emerged as new markets and new competitors.

10. Make everyone self reliant

Cloud offers many ways to rely solely on somebody’s own efforts and resources. It will help the small scale company to do complex modeling of a product. It will help in collaboration, developing products, testing ideas cheaply and quickly.

Cloud computing in the next decade promised to collaborate everywhere through mobile devices. Cloud applications are reliable and secure that is why it is gaining popularity. After analyzing all the above mentioned steps, one can say that “the cloud” is the metaphor of internet but when it is combined with computing, it becomes bigger and bootstrap.

This guest post is contributed by John Smith, who works as an E-Marketing Executive for Invoicera, an online invoicing and time tracking software which is exclusively designed keeping online invoicing and simplicity in mind.