10 Proven Techniques to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger (Part 2)

In the first part of this list, we talked about how you can combat writer’s block as a blogger by physically taking yourself to a different location and indulging in a delicious cup of coffee. Now, it’s time to polish off this collection of 10 proven techniques to keep your blog updated on a regular and consistent schedule.

Read a Book

It is said that some of the best writers this planet has ever known are also some of the most read people on this planet. And as great as online content has become over the years, there is something special about disconnecting from the Internet and picking up a physical book. E-ink readers like the Kindle Paperwhite can be almost as good. This takes your eyes off the backlit screens of smartphones, tablets and computer monitors and it also opens you up to the perspectives of other writers. You might come across some great ideas on which you can develop your own unique content.


Maintain an Ideas Journal

You can’t expect to come up with a brilliant idea the moment you plop yourself down on that computer chair. Ideas can come to you at the most inconvenient of times and you can’t rely on your own memory to keep these all clear and in order. That’s why you really should be maintaining an ideas journal. The best way to do this is through a cloud-based service like Google Keep or Evernote, since it’ll synchronize across all your devices and you can add to your list anytime, anywhere.

Establish a Writing Routine

Remember how I said that one of the better ways to fight writer’s block is to break free of your routine and go somewhere else or try writing at a different time? Ironically enough, the reverse can also be true. If you set yourself up with a specific writing routine, you can train your mind and body that it’s time to start writing. This is no different that the superstitious routines that basketball players have before taking a free throw or baseball players have before stepping up to the plate.

Hit Up the Gym

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for your blog or putting those ideas into some sort of reasonable order, it can pay to go out and do some physical exercise. Heading to the gym is the most common example of this, but the same can be achieved by running around the neighborhood or participating in other physical activity. When you get your blood flowing, you’ll also get more oxygen to your brain, all while those ideas percolate through your subconscious.


Do Something Else

Very much related to the previous point, stepping away from the computer and performing some unrelated tasks can help jog the creative juices too. This is because your brain will continue to work on those ideas even if they’re not your current point of focus. Take care of some household chores. Water the flowers in your garden. Even if you stay at your computer, work on something creative and tangentially related like editing your photos and videos. Once you’ve done that for a while, return to writing and you’ll feel a renewed sense of inspiration and vision.

As a professional freelance writer myself, writing is very literally my livelihood and I don’t have the luxury of simply waiting until inspiration strikes. I have to produce and I have used nearly all of the techniques on this list to keep the creative juices flowing.

Do you have a technique, trick or strategy that works particularly well for you?

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