10 Million BlogRush Credits

It’s been a few weeks since BlogRush launched version 2 of their stats system and I haven’t checked it since my last update on it. I decided to check the stats today to see how my custom BlogRush RSS feed was doing and to my surprise, I have over 10 million credits!

I first blogged about BlogRush back in September 15. BlogRush is a cooperative syndication network where you earn credits for displaying the BlogRush widget. You also earn credits for referring other blogs to BlogRush. The more blogs you refer that run the widget, the more credits you earn.


My custom BlogRush RSS feed is working well. I am up 0.35% click rate. That means I can expect over 35,000 visitors when BlogRush serves all the credits. It’ll be really cool if they can set up a system where I can sell my credits. I wonder how much 10 million credits can sell for?