10 Marketing and Blogging Podcasts You Need to Listen to

One of the most important lessons you’ll need to learn when you break free of the shackles of the 9-to-5 and embrace the dot com lifestyle is that hours worked do not equate to dollars earned. You’ll also need to learn that you’ll never really “clock out” from the job, because you’ll always be working even when you’re not working. That’s the mindset of the entrepreneur. It’s about making the best use of your time, not about spending as much time as possible working. That would go against the whole dot com lifestyle philosophy!

To this end, things that you do for leisure or for fun can also be productive and help you further your business. Time that is normally wasted away doing nothing especially useful can turn into time that takes you to the next level. That’s why John shoots his “Driving with John Chow” videos. The time he spends driving is going to be spent driving anyway, so he may as well create some content while he’s at it.

And this is also true with choosing what content you wish to consume. Instead of listening to yet another top 40 song on the local radio station, listen to some of these great podcasts on business, entrepreneurship, blogging and marketing. Your time and attention are far better spent this way. Yes, podcasts are very much alive and well, perhaps even thriving in this age of smartphones and an insatiable thirst for more great content.

1. The Blog Millionaire: As you might be able to guess from the title, host Brandon Gaille goes through a myriad of strategies and insights on how you can make more money from blogging. He talks about everything from creating catchy slogans to naming your business to designing the perfect blog sidebar.


2. Problogger Podcast: One of the best known and most respected names in blogging and Internet marketing is Darren Rowse. He’s been at this game for a very long time and he certainly has a lot of wisdom to pass on to his listeners. The podcast content aligns with his blog, unsurprisingly, helping you be more productive and to become a more successful blogger. He also posts the occasional interview with other successful figures.

3. The Growth Show: While not specifically about blogging in the strictest sense, this podcast by the same people who run Hubspot focuses more on how to grow your company and take it to the next level. They talk to people who have “achieved remarkable growth” and try to figure out how they got to where they did. You can then applies the lessons from their experience to your own professional situation.

4. Unemployable: Years ago, John Chow told people that he wasn’t unemployed; he was unemployable. This podcast uses the same vernacular and it’s hosted by Brian Clark, the hugely successful online personality that you might know better as Copyblogger. The podcast is a mix of interviews and presentations on how to build your successful business.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show: If there is one person who truly embodies the philsophy of the dot com lifestyle, it has to be Tim Ferriss. The champion of the four hour work week, Ferriss “deconstructs world-class” performers in his podcast. Past guests have included everyone from Peter Thiel to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


6. The Smart Passive Income Podcast: It probably shouldn’t surprise too many people that some of the best podcasts on Internet marketing and blogging also come from the people who run some of the best blogs on the topic. That’s precisely the case here with Pat Flynn and the podcast that accompanies his Smart Passive Income website. The interview series has attracted some big names in the space, including Amy Porterfield, Ramit Sethi and Gary Vaynerchuk. with Pat Flynn

7. The #AskGaryVee Show: Speaking of Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s got a very popular podcast of his own. Many of us may know “Gary Vee” best as the guy who knows his way around wine, but he certainly knows his way around how to build and grow a successful business too. He’s a guy who embraces the “hustle” and it’s that mindset that got him to where he is today.

8. Growth Everywhere Podcast: The context of this podcast is more from the traditional business world at large, as well as with startups and Internet companies of various sizes, but you can easily apply so many of these insights into your Internet marketing and online business strategies. You can learn how one company manages to make $40 million a year with only 15 customers, for example, or how you can bootstrap your own companies and elevate them to massive profitability.


9. Perpetual Traffic: Run by the good people behind Digital Marketer, the Perpetual Traffic podcast goes through a huge range of subjects that are geared specifically toward generating web traffic. There are episodes on how to improve the conversion rate on your Facebook campaigns, for example, or what it takes to create a high-converting video ad. It’s about getting those eyeballs, converting those eyeballs into clicks, and turning those clicks into dollars in your pocket.

10. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast: With literally hundreds of podcasts under their belts, Dawn Marrs Ortiz and Traci Reuter gear their content toward anyone who is interested in marketing online. That includes small business owners, MLM professionals, work-at-home parents and Internet marketers alike. Learn about email marketing, developing a content strategy, and how to leverage Snapchat to your advantage.

Do you have any favorite blogging or Internet marketing podcasts?

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