10 Instagram Profiles You Should Follow

In the eyes of some people, some social media platforms are simply more valuable or more useful than others. This is both from the perspective of the creator and from the perspective of the consumer. You might think that, as an Internet marketer, you might have more to learn by following the right people on Twitter or by liking the right pages on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore Instagram either.

The image-centric social network may have started out as a way for people to share square-shaped pictures of their lives in an instantaneous fashion, borrowing some inspiration from the Polaroids of old, it has evolved to become a much more powerful social platform. And if you’re looking for bite-sized morsels of inspiration and insight, Instagram’s a great way to scroll around for a few minutes each day.

Everyone plays a part in changing the world.

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It goes without saying that Forbes is one of the biggest and most highly respected business publications. Yes, it comes more from the perspective of a traditional business model with corporations and CEOs, but even entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and Internet startups can learn a thing or two from people like Sir Richard Branson. The Instagram feed features not only quotes from successful people, but also some great moments in business.

Let's do this Monday!!! #entrepreneur #ilovemyjob

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As the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, Krista Neher is well versed in the powers of social media and how they can be leveraged for the growing success of any business. Her Instagram account offers a glimpse into her day-to-day life as a best-selling author and international speaker. Follow her journeys and learn from her experiences.

Viral marketing advice #marketing #advertising #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing

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Well, it’s right there in the name, isn’t it? Marketing Inspiration provides these bite-sized nuggets of marketing inspiration by way of Instagram posts. Sometimes, all you need are a few words of wisdom to point you in the right direction or to get you see the world in the whole new light. And you might learn a thing or two about developing viral content while you’re at it.

An organization that offers social media and business solutions, Social Glims has some truly terrific information on its Instagram channel, oftentimes packing in more than a few choice words or a quick quote. Here you learn why your unique content also needs to be quality content. Other posts talk about SEO, Twitter, digital advertising and more. They might be focused in Africa and the Middle Easts, but the information is truly global.

Most "thought leadership" fails at the latter by omitting the former. – @dougkessler #CMWorld

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No matter how much changes, no matter how many times Google decides to update its algorithm, one fundamental truth will always stand tall: Content is king. And with the Content Marketing Institute, you’ll build on that concept with what you might want to know about growing and improving your content marketing strategies. The focus here is mostly on in-person events, taking the URL to IRL.

#VisualContent is more than 40X likely to get shared on #SocialMedia than other types of content. @Buffer

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There is a certain subset of Internet marketers who think that work-at-home moms fall under a different category that is somehow lesser. And then you find inspirational people like Emily la Grange who totally crush that misconception. A social media superstar, her Instagram account features these great tidbits of information about how to succeed in life online and offline, personally and professionally.

Fun shenanigans here at #ThePost 😀😂. @joelcomm

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Founder and CEO of personal branding and social media consulting firm Boom! Social, Kim Garst knows how you can leverage the powers of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest to grow your profits and take your business to the next level. She’s very social media savvy and her Instagram profile is a mix of inspirational messages and glimpses into her personal life.

If email marketing is the name of your game, then you’re probably already familiar with Constant Contact. What you might not know is that the company not only has an Instagram feed, but it’s actually both entertaining and informative. You get a look into the company culture there, but you can also learn a lot about best email marketing practices, how to improve engagement on your social posts, and how to boost your conversions.

For anyone looking for “ideas worth spreading,” the first and last name that comes to mind is probably TED. The TED Talks series (and the unofficially related TEDx conferences) is hugely popular and you can watch a lot of these presentations both through the TED website and through the TED YouTube channel. On Instagram, you get the TL;DR version of those, just enough to get the hamster in your head back on its wheel.

At YouTube Space. Learning how to create a professional looking video.

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Seriously? If you’re a regular reader of this blog and you’re watching the Driving with John Chow videos on YouTube, why aren’t you already following John Chow on Instagram too. As you can imagine, his feed is filled with much of the same kind of content he posts everywhere else. Get a taste of the dot com lifestyle, revel in what is possible, and get down to work to achieve the lifestyle for yourself.

And while you’re in the following mood, follow me on Instagram too. My feed’s a good mix of content too, not unlike my blog, covering freelancing, food, dad life, and wherever else life’s online and offline path might take me.

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