When a Unique Isn’t a Unique

In my post below, I stated that Grouper gets 542,000 unique visitors per month, according ComScore. This doesn’t sound like much to many webmasters because many have sites that gets more traffic than that, or so they think. Once you understand how ComScore values a unique you’ll begin to understand just how big a site Grouper really is.

ComScore, and other measuring matrixes like Nelson NetRaing, measures a unique as just that – a completely unique visitor. If a site gets 10,000 visitors per day, many webmasters will take that number and multiply it by 30 and say they get 300,000 unique per month. If those 10,000 daily visitors visit you site every day do you have 300,000 unique per month or 10,000? ComScore will consider a site like that as having 10,000 unique visitors per month.

So back Grouper. Those 542,000 unique visitors per month visit the site at least once per month. If they visit everyday, then by webmaster and ad sales standards we can just as easily say Grouper does 542,000 unique per day, but it’s not a true reading.