Watch A Ford F-150 Lightning Fully Charge Stranded Mini Cooper SE

The bi-directional charging capability of the new Ford F-150 Lightning is one of its key selling points. It allows the electric pickup to power your house in case of a blackout or double as a backup generator at the work or camp sites. Another thing it can do is charge another EV.

When optioned with the Pro Power Onboard system, the F-150 Lightning can charge other electric vehicles, as long as they use a SAE J1772 charge port, with up to 9.6 kilowatts of exportable electricity,

In this video, the boys from TFLEV tried to fully charged a stranded Mini Cooper SE with the F-150 Lightning. The Mini has a small 32.6 kWh battery pack, so it’ll be no issue to top up with the F-150’s 131-kWh battery. In fact, after fully charging the Mini, the Ford had over 200 miles of remaining range.

It took about five and a half hours to fully charge the mini from zero to 100% state of charge. The process took 27 percent of the F-150 Lightning’s state of charge. There were no issues during the charging. The Ford F-150 Lightning exhibiting no symptoms of overheating despite the fans turning on and off multiple times.