Watch A C7 Corvette ZR1 Ghost A Police Car

This has to be one of the best disappearing tricks I’ve ever seen. This video shows a police cruiser coming up to the rear of a C7 Corvette ZR1. Almost immediately after switching on the red and blue flashing lights, the driver of the ZR1 decides he was in no mood to pull over and instead drop down the gears and put foot to the throttle.

The officer initially tried to keep up with the Corvette but simply couldn’t match the acceleration of the ZR1’s 755 hp supercharged V8. Not only did the Corvette prove to be way too fast for the cop car but the ZR1 driver turned off the car’s lights and just disappeared from view. Watch the video to see the ghosting.

This probably not the end of the story. I’m sure the dash cam of the police car got the license plate of the ZR1, and the police will be following up on this.