Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Pay Attention To

When growing your blog, you’re going to have enormous contradicting information that can easily throw you off track. The Internet is so vast that it has its benefits but you can get caught up in information overload. For those of you not aware of this terminology, it’s when you have too much information from different sources that you lose sight of what’s correct and will guide you in the right direction. I’ve always felt that the most important type of information is always proven by statistics. This is why case studies have done so well over the years because they provide actual results to people and a step-by-step approach to achieving the same results. Content marketing is huge and there are different ways to get your message across. Some people will rely on video marketing while others will create infographics, etc. Next,

1) It’s important what type of visual content marketing will produce the best results so here are some cool statistics.

The amount of video published on news feed went up 3.6 times than in previous years. Many of the videos posted were from individual people and brands.

I’m not surprised video outshined text-content on newsfeed because with so much high quality content available online, people are looking for a way to capture the content as quickly as possible. Not to mention, the Internet has connected people all over the world who resonate with video better than text because of language barriers. With videos, even though in English, people can follow through more easily.

2) Twitter is growing in popularity and it’s very easy to find niche relevant people. Did you know that tweets with images received 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets?

This has been attributed to two reasons: First, the interface in Twitter allows you to post engaging images on your wall and with the right #hastags, you can attract influential people within your niche. Next, the ad network is awesome and they’ve tweaked it to improve targeting, etc. The ad network allows your brand to display advertising on your wall, which, again, attracts relevant people to click-through.

3) Here’s a cool statistic from with image: “Images and photos are the most important tactic in optimizing social media posts.”

I personally believe, just like the other reasons listed above, pictures resonate with readers more effectively. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture says a 1000 words”…right? This means you can get your point across more quickly and attract the visitor to click-through on your URL.

4) B2B business have stated they view the following “3” types of content before making a buying decision: Whitepaper, Case Studies, and Webinars. They turn to social media to locate this information. Next,

I’m not surprised to hear B2B businesses are looking for statistics before purchasing. As mentioned before, with so much information online, it’s important to have a reliable source. Whitepapers provide an authoritative report and case studies provide a step-by-step element to achieving the same results. Webinars add an element of credibility because people are more inclined to purchase a product when they have some they can see physically. Not to mention, you get your questions answers by the person in real-time.

5) 95% of B2B and general bloggers agreed they preferred shorter content.

It’s important to note that this content can be simply 500 words or formatted in a way where it looks shorter. For example, infographics, images, and videos are a great way to shorten longer content, making it more visual. This statement can apply to simply taking 2,000 words and converting it into shorter content by creating an infographic, etc.

6) Whitepaper content is actually declining overall on different platforms. There has been significant growth in the popularity of video content.

Much of this, again, can be attributed to how quick people can digest the content, etc. Not to mention, companies have created easy to use software to allow bloggers and B2B businesses to create videos quickly. These tools are an all-in-one solution to video marketing, allowing you to simply create, edit, publish, and share them across several different platforms quickly.

Wrapping It Up…

From the statistics above, you can see how the face of content marketing is beginning to shift. There has been much emphasis put on visual content because of how easily it is to engage with and share across different networks. Social platforms have tweaked their interface to display images in a more broad scope so it’s easier to attract people to your content. You have to keep a few things in mind…

  • People are overwhelmed by information so are looking for a quick way to absorb information.
  • Video, images, and infographics are increasing while whitepaper reports are declining in popularity.
  • Affordable software have made it easy to produce visual content.
  • B2B businesses prefer proof before they purchase a product or service. This is why case studies and webinars are growing in popularity. Case studies provide the stats while webinars provide an element of comfort.

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