UberAffiliate Opens UberCamp

Paul over at UberAffiliate has started a new service call UberCamp that is sure to raise a lot of eyebrows in the affiliate marketing world.

What is UberCamp?

UberCamp is a private invite only forum for serious affiliate marketers. The only way you can get in is through the recommendations of a current member or through an application process. Applications opened today and will run until June 6. After that, all future applications will be put on a waiting list until the next round, whenever that will be.

The main highlight of UberCamp has to be the Uber Case Studies. In that forum, Paul will share all his keywords, landing pages, promotion types, and research used on a campaign. You’ll be able to make suggestions and ask why he did certain things. You can even copy the campaign if you want, or just copy the techniques. Another great feature is Offer Watch, a new and unique tool that will help you research the most profitable affiliate offers out there.

I have always stated that affiliate marketing is a secret world because no affiliate that is making big money is ever going to reveal what offers, keywords, landing pages, etc, that he is running. The fact that Paul is going to reveal this information is unprecedented. However, this valuable information will cost you.

Membership Has Its Price

UberCamp is for people who are serious about affiliate marketing and it’s priced to match. If your application is approved, membership will cost you $199 per month. The price will stay at $199 for as long as you remain a member, even if the membership prices go up in the future.

Alternatively, You can pay a one time $299 sign-up fee and then paying $99 per month. The $99 will be locked for as long as you remain a member. If you use the forum for more than three months, you’ll better off with this pricing model.

UberCamp also offers a Platinum Private Mentorship level. This is the granddaddy of all membership levels. Private mentorship offers 1-on-1 support from the UberAffiliate himself. The price is $5,000 per month.

Is it worth it? That depends on how serious you really are. Paul makes over $100,000 per month from affiliate marketing and he’s willing to reveal all the keywords and pages he used to generate that income. Is that worth $199 per month? I say yes.

Obviously, membership will be extremely limited. If there’s too many people copying the same keywords and landing page, it will lose it effectiveness. If you’re serious about making the big bucks with affiliate marketing, then you should take a serious look at UberCamp.