The Hummer EBike Is The Perfect Accessory for Your Hummer EV

The new GMC Hummer EBike looks as ridiculous as the truck that inspired it. The thing is bigger, heavier and crazier than almost any bike on the road. It’s made to complement the Hummer EV and allow owners to truly reach that “last mile.” The bike is made in partnership with General Motors and Recon Power Bikes.

This on-demand, all-wheel drive, GMC Hummer EV EBike is powered by not one by two 750-watt hub motors with a peak output of 2,400 watts. It has three riding modes:

  • Cruise – rear wheel drive
  • Traction – front wheel drive
  • Adrenaline – for maximum all-wheel drive performance

The Ebike is powered by an LG battery which comes standard at 48 volts and 17Ah, with an option to upgrade to 21Ah. Top speed is 28 mph (the legal limit for an EBike in the US) and range is 50 mile in cruise mode and 40 miles in adrenaline mode.

“GMC is excited to collaborate with Recon as they develop the GMC Hummer EV AWD Ebike. With design cues and inspiration taken directly from the GMC Hummer EV Supertruck, this Ebike further expands customer’s ability to explore different off-road trails – whether in the vehicle or out on the bike.” – Rich Latek, marketing director for GMC

The bike does look pretty fun, it’s got huge 5-inch-wide tires front and back so you’ll be able to ride it on any sandy beach. There’s a front suspension for a smoother ride and a luggage rack out back to mount all your important necessities. The bike’s big talking point is it’s all wheel drive, just the a real Hummer.

The GMC Hummer EV EBike will go on sale in December, but you can pre-order one now for $3,999, which really isn’t that crazy of a price for an AWD high-power EBike. I was expecting it to cost more.