The End Of The Sales Pitch

If You Buy This – You Will Have A Better Life

We have all heard it – the convincing sales pitches. No matter where you go or what you are doing, you will see them. It’s almost impossible not to come across several when you ware listening to the radio, watching TV, reading a newspaper or magazine. The fact that they are still around means that they work to some degree; if they didn’t, then every business would have shut down by now! There must be a better way though, right? Let me explain…

Building The Barrier To The Sales Pitch

As a culture, we have started to become more aware of our surroundings – in general. Since the explosion of the world wide web, we have experienced access to endless amounts of information in only little amounts of time. With that, we are continuously exposed to new information whether we choose to learn it or not – it’s just there. Again, because of this, we are in fact more aware. In general we are more aware of how businesses are conducted. We know that companies have products and/or services and that they want to sell them to us. It’s no hidden secret.

Sales pitches are bound to happen – we know this. They happen wherever we go these days – driving in our cars; we see billboards, shopping at the mall; we have salesman who convince us, checking our e-mail; we have spam. We have built barriers to prevent these from entering our lives. We avoid salesmen because they fear they will sell us on something, we trash letters in the mail before we even read them, and we have spam filters in our e-mail that rejects it before we even read it. To a business, this can be difficult – real difficult. So how do they try to improve their business? They try improving on their sales pitch! They are going at their business all wrong – and it’s comical to watch them at times. I’m going to share with you they key to successful salesmanship!

Stop Selling And Start Caring!

If you want to truly dominate at sales and become a top producer within your organization, you must learn to stop selling and start caring! So what do I mean by this? Easy. People enjoy buying, but they hate to be sold on something. So you must stop selling! Learn to simply be a friend!

Example 1: A Lady enters a car lot. She is instantly approached by a man that says “Hello, what are you looking to buy? We have the best car lot and the best selection” This isn’t good. This poor lady enters a car lot and hasn’t even taken 10 steps and is hounded by the salesman. She already feels pressured in to making a purchase as the salesman is already hinting at it. She also feels a bit insulted that she cannot simply look around for a few moments on her own without someone holding her hand along the way. Not only that, she is receiving biased information; ‘we are the best.’

Example 2: A Lady enters a car lot. She is greeted by a simple smile from the man on the other side of the lot. The lady moves around and is looking at cars on her own – she is moving at her own pace. Several minutes later a man casually walks without completely stopping and says “If you need anything, just find me and I’ll be glad to help you with anything!” The lady gives him a smile and thanks him as he continues to walk away. This approach is much better! The lady is now able to do her own shopping without a vulture over her shoulder. The man has placed the ball in her court. The lady in no way feels pressured and is more likely to ask him for any kind of help because he was simply friendly. He wants to help – not just make a sale. He showed her that he actually cared!

It’s Time To Change Your Game-Plan

This is a very valid scenario, although it is very brief. If you are looking to make more sales, you must stop being a salesman. You must learn to show them that you care – not just pretend that you care – but you must learn to be a friend who actually cares about them and their decisions. When this is realized by the customer/client their guard will almost instantly will be let down. The communication between you and them will now be more open.

If you change your game-plan around to fit this model, you may be quite surprised when when you see how many of your prospects turn in to paying customers. Now get out there and change your game-plan! Enjoy!

This is a guest post from Brock Blohm.