The Art of the Sale

In 2011 I hated selling.

And because of that, I wasn’t making enough money to support my life.

You may have a lovely and beautiful wordpress blog which is a good thing, but if you suck at selling nothing will happen to your business – money-wise.

Fast forward to 2014, I’m in love with this thing called “selling.” A tricky word, isn’t it?

There is one powerful way to become good at it and I want to reveal it to you. No, it’s got nothing to do with having the right product or throwing your product in the midst of buyers who have their credit cards in their hands ready to place order.


I just realized that selling doesn’t have to be tedious or boring. In fact, you can make it interesting if you know how to press this one single button.

Get personal

Yes, you read it correctly. Get personal. If you can’t sell an affiliate product successfully, it could be possible you’re speaking to several people at once. Even if you’re selling a physical product: digital camera or city mini strollers, understand that your target audience are looking for just one thing – to help solve their problem. In this case, the problem of moving their babies from point A to point B. And if you’re targeting twins, then the infant twin double strollers is ideal, not the single one.

How do I mean? Here’s a typical example: When you review software, affiliate offer or service at your blog or make a video tutorial, don’t assume that all your readers would respond to it instantly. Instead, speak to one person at a time and make use of the word “you” as many times as possible.

You’ll create a connection with the reader. The reader would assume you specially researched the product for him or her and that you care. Avoid using tricks or hype in selling because even if you succeed in getting someone to purchase the product, they’ll find out later and tell others how mischievous you are.

Every single sale and buyer you get is supposed to lead to more buyers and income for you. Sales should be like a chain reaction, which means that happy customers should be persuaded to tell others as well.

And to achieve all of this, get personal. If you want to sell to me, speak to me directly and not to the entire readers here.

Do you hate selling or love it? Share your honest opinion in the comment box below. See you at the top!