The Apple iPad Comes To Canada

After a month long delay because of huge demands in the home market, the Apple iPad had finally landed in Canada and nine other counties. Now that everyone in the country can buy an iPad, I am no no longer special for having one since April.

Simply Computing invited me down to their store on Broadway to be part of the iPad launch and maybe make fun of people lining up for the magical device. While there were huge line ups at the two Vancouver Apple stores, the line up at Simply was a lot shorter, which made the iPad customers happier I’m sure.

While the iPad starts for $499 in the US, a Canadian buyer will have to fork over $549 for the same unit. With the US and Canadian dollar almost equal, some may wonder why Apple it trying to get an extra $50 out of customers from the great white north. The answer: because they can.

If you want an Apple iPad but don’t want to pay for it, I am giving two away. Go here for details.