The Affiliate Marketing Review Report Card

Affiliate Marketing Report Card

Trying to decide which affiliate offers to promote can be a very intimidating process. After all, the affiliate marketing space is filled with numerous affiliate programs selling everything from teeth whitening to health insurance and everything in between. Each affiliate deal offers different types of commissions, require various order sizes, and may have specific payment thresholds. Most of the time it is very confusing finding the best programs to run. This is why Ace Affiliates created the Affiliate Marketing Program Review report card.

Ace Affiliate was the company that explained affiliate marketing in plain English. They did it using an informative infographic that explain affiliate marketing in an easy to understand fashion. Now, they’ve expanded it to include a report card on all the different affiliate programs.

The Affiliate Marketing Review Report Card is a simple to use and sortable infographic covering all the various affiliate programs out there and all the specific information you need to pick the best program for you. The report card can be sorted by criterias that are important to you. Just check the box you want to sort by and it will do the rest. Clicking on any of the programs will bring up more information about it. Below is a screen shot of the report card on HostRocket.

Affiliate Report Card

Ace Affiliates allows you to embed the report card into your site. If you blog about the affiliate industry, this is ready made content for you to use. However, the card is 1220 pixel wide and that’s too wide for this blog, which is why I’m linking to it instead.

Ace Affiliates is looking for feedback on their report card. Go give it a try and let them know what you think of it. I would love it if Ace would make a report card that is 568 pixel wide so I can embed it into this post. Other than that, I think you will find the affiliate marketing review report card very useful.

Affiliate Marketing Review Report Card