Sunday Blast From The Past

It’s time for another blast from the past! This is when I dig into the blog archives to find some juicy posts, and one video, that you may have missed because you were not a John Chow dot Com reader back then.

My last two blasts from the past were well received so I figure I’ll try to keep the winning streak going. Highlighting old posts is a good way to create new content when you don’t have anything new to write. 🙂

How Often Should You Update? – This post, made way back in April 2006, answers one of the most asked questions on blogging and website creation. There are two camps. One camp say create the site, doing some SEO and let Google do the rest. Then move on to the next site. The other camp says create a site and keep adding to it with updates. Which one is best?

Dualing Around With The LCDs – Part 2 – In this post I show you great way to display some really hot wallpapers on the my two Dell 20.5″ wide screen LCD monitors.

Foie Gras Is Good Grub – This was my first fine dining post with pictures. Sarah and I went with Stephen and his girlfriend on an $800 dinner for four at Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant Of The Year, West.

This Is Your Neighborhood – An editorial on the marketing genius of Bob Rennie and the herd mentality of investors running around with their heads cut off. Mr. Rennie managed to sell out a development in the poorest neighborhood in Canada at record prices.

Life Without the Internet – I got up this morning around 10:30am and to my shock a horror, the internet was down! I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do. I turn on the TV and found the TV was down as well. No internet and no TV! The world must be coming to an end! Of course it turns out something went wrong at Shaw that knocked out the cable internet and TV service in my area. Still, life without the net is a scary thing to go through.

Big Sites Rules, Small Sites Drool – Which is better, one big site or a bunch of small sites? Many would be Google Whores tend to favor the multi-site strategy because they believe that diversification is safer. On the surface, that sounds logical – the more spread out your income sources, the less chance of you losing your shirt if a few goes down. If you have just one site and it takes a hit, there goes your mogul lifestyle. However, this is not how things work in a real life.

Video Blast From The Past

This is a video of me trying to crash the VIP tents at the Abbotsford International Air show. I had to go through a security check point before trying to crash the tents.