Straight Out Of Star Trek – The Holograph Is Here

Holographs have certainly come a long way. The above is a video clip of a NYC Lexus dealership running a Vizoo holographic projector. This projector offers an interactive display for Lexus that allows users to select models and colors before beaming them into the indoor space for a 360-degree walk around of the life-size virtual vehicle.

The presentation is so realistic that the dealership is drawing too big of a crowd for its own good. You can see cops toward the end of video telling people to move along. Whatever Lexus paid to have this holographic billboard created, it got its money’s worth.

Below is a Vizoo corporate video showing the use and benefit of their holographic display. I have to admit, that look pretty wild. I wonder how much the projector cost, and how long before they make the objects solid so we can have a holodeck. 😈Source: Autoblog