How to Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level (5 Powerful Strategies)

Social media marketing

Do you want to learn how to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level?

If so, you’re not alone. Business leaders and marketers across all industries turn to social media when they are looking for creative, engaging ways to stay connected to their audience.

Despite there being around 5 billion active users across all platforms, many people in your position struggle to reach their conversion goals. Creating content that captivates visitors and convinces them to hit the subscribe button is not easy. Getting these users to land on your website and make a purchase is even harder.

There is good news, though. Close to 60% of online shoppers admit they turn to social media when they need shopping inspiration.

In other words, most social media users are thinking about buying a product or service. If you can reach your target audience on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you have a better chance of succeeding on social media.

Today, I’ll show you a few creative ways you can use to strengthen your social strategy and turn more first-time visitors into customers.

Let’s begin!

Share Value-Packed Content

The top tip I have for you is this; make sure you consistently share valuable, interesting content with your audience. People follow social media accounts to learn about brands, products, and general industry information.

I recommend using a mix of original content and repurposed posts from your blog or other social networks. Typically, we share a blend of 70% repurposed and 30% original content.

For repurposing, you can pull content off your website and share it with a few highlights or engaging captions. This practice is extremely common, with over 60% of marketers repurposing their on-site content 2-5 times.

As for original content, sometimes we share surveys or ask our audience to sound off in the comments section. Other times, we create engaging material specifically designed for social media, like online courses.

You should always find a way to offer value to your readers, even if it’s something you’ve already shared on your site. If someone finds your profile and has never heard of your brand, your repurposed content might be the thing that drives them to your website for the first time.

Host Engaging Events

Did you know that 91% of people want to see more interactive content from businesses? This surprising statistic highlights the importance of creating engaging, valuable events on social media.

One effective strategy is to host a traditional giveaway or unique event like a photo contest. Encourage users to enter by giving away the most popular item on your website. Similarly, you can choose a generic prize that appeals to everyone, like an Amazon gift card or a pair of expensive headphones.

I like to add rules that lead to more engagement across all platforms. For example, users can enter our giveaway by subscribing to our email newsletter, following us on social media, and resharing the original post.

Streaming is another great way to interact with your audience in real time. Plus, 81% of marketers say video content has directly impacted their sales. You can host an ask me anything (AMA), give a product demonstration, or share helpful industry advice.

Consumers like it when they can see and hear the faces behind their favorite brands. By engaging with your audience this way, you’re boosting brand awareness and building trust, which can help you grow your social channels.

Regardless of which strategy you choose, don’t forget to create a standalone landing page on your website that reflects the occasion. This seemingly small feature presents an excellent opportunity to explain to users why they participate in your next event.

Start an Affiliate Program

Social media has created the perfect environment for affiliates and influencers. The way it works is simple; affiliates partner with brand leaders to promote their products. The company gives the partner an exclusive coupon code that they can share with their viewers. Whenever someone clicks their code and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a percentage-based commission.

Affiliates maximize the value of social media by creating diverse content that promotes their partners’ products.

Business owners and marketing teams have much to gain in this scenario too. In fact, 73% of marketers say the profits they saw from their affiliate marketing program far exceeded their expectations.

Starting an affiliate program can dramatically boost sales and your social presence. Create an affiliate page on your website and invite influencers and affiliate marketers to join on social media. Your commission rates will vary based on your industry and budget, but the average is 5-30% of the total order value.

It’s common for brands to find and reach out to good potential affiliates first. The key to making this work is to seek out people whose values and audience match your company.

For example, if you own an email marketing SaaS, you’d want to partner with an affiliate specializing in tech products. Their audience is more likely to find value in your product, which means there is potential for more engagement.

One final note on affiliate marketing; keep track of your partners and how well they are doing. If you see one or two people shining above all the rest, consider reaching out when launching a new product or promoting a special event.

Add Customer Support Options to Social Media Marketing Strategy

One big mistake marketers make is not adding customer support options to their social channels. If someone has a question about one of your products, they would rather get an immediate answer instead of leaving social media, finding your on-site support team, then asking their question.

I recommend using chat features included with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to establish a live support team. Much like your on-site customer service team, social media support needs to have a consistent brand voice and be as friendly and helpful as possible.

If you don’t have enough employees to keep your chat service up 24/7, you could use social media chatbots to fill in the gaps. AI-powered chatbots are extremely engaging and can help users with common questions, like what features are included in your product.

Nuanced questions or issues will require a live support agent, but chatbots can free up time and help create positive experiences for most of your audience.

Show Social Media Updates on Your Website

Adding a social wall to your website is an excellent way to improve engagement on your website and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you’re not familiar, a social wall is a section of your website that displays your social media feed. Visitors can see your last posts and what others say about your brand (depending on what you retweet/share).

The most common way to display a social wall is to include it on the sidebar of your website. We prefer this method because it allows visitors to see what’s happening on social media while they browse our blog or look at our product selection.

Here are a few benefits we’ve noticed since introducing this strategy::

-Build social proof – People are more likely to act when they see others engaging with your brand.

-Improve awareness – Website visitors might not know you’re on social media. Your wall could help them discover your brand on platforms they already use.

-Save money – User-generated content is a cheap, effective way to connect with your intended audience.

If you want to learn how to add a social wall to your website, all you need is the right tool. There are plugins on the market that make importing your feed effortless. Experiment with showing your wall in key locations on your website, and you’re bound to find creative ways to drive more traffic to your social channels.

Final Thoughts

Improving your social media marketing strategy takes time and energy. Don’t expect to go from 0 subscribers to thousands overnight. The tips presented today will help you boost social media engagement and grow over time.

My final advice to you is this; make sure you’re listening to what existing followers expect from your business. If you’re not consistently learning from your audience, you may miss out on evolving goals, pain points, and needs, which will put you at a disadvantage.

Attentive leaders who understand their audience and continually improve their social media marketing are far more likely to find success.

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.

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